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A few weeks ago, my kids and I got a fun arts and crafts activity at The Craft Central in Ayala Malls Vertis, QC.  We readily said yes beca...

A few weeks ago, my kids and I got a fun arts and crafts activity at The Craft Central in Ayala Malls Vertis, QC.  We readily said yes because my second son is a budding artist and I am sure he would love to take part in the activities from the party.
I came with my two boys who were both super charged with arts and crafts energies for the prepared kiddie activities that day.  We arrived first in the venue that day and after registration, my boys were each led to age-appropriate activities lined up for them.
Craft Explorers Party
Had fun with these two during the Craft Explorers Party!  All activities engaged these imaginative little boys.
The activities my boys experienced are all part of The Craft Central's Craft Explorers Party Packages.  When I learned that they are opening their branches for a different kind of party experience, I said to myself that this is a really good idea.  Kids these days are sometimes busy with their gadgets that they hardly have time to socialize with other kids or put their imaginations to great heights to create and explore.  Having a Crafts Party is a great idea to give screen time a break and of course to have a different kind of party experience, a break away from the usual fast food party experience.

For your next kiddie party, you may want to check out the Craft Explorers Party Packages from The Craft Central.  It's a no frills kind of party, easy to book, fun to have, and packed with activities to choose from.  I really like the fact that kids are really engaged.  

Booking a party is as easy as 1, 2, 3.  Here are the steps:

Step 1: Choose from Fun Craftivities
  • 1 activity at Php350/head
  • 2 activities at Php500/head
  • All activities Php700 per head
  • 2 hours with 1 teacher
Sand Art  - create beautiful and colorful sand art carts./ 1 hour session activity.  Choose from assortment of coloured sand for sharing.
Different sand colors to choose from for your art
I enjoyed this as much as he did.  It was therapeutic for me.
He tried his hands on this activity as well which mommy of course finished. :)
Go Damien!
Showing his finished Sand Art posters cards.

Tote Bag Decorating - color and decorate your cute tote bag.  1 hour session, design 2 totebags with assorted markers for sharing.
Totebags with different designs.  Each child gets a totebag and a set of markers for this activity.
He chose the hot air balloon design and was too eager to finish it. 
This boy really loves art, drawing and coloring.
He focuses whenever there are coloring materials, papers and other artsy items in front of him.
Accessories Making -  1 hour session for a set of beads with assortment of strings for sharing.  Let the kids' creativity run wild with these handmade projects using beads.

Paint by Numbers - easy and fun to paint mini canvas for kids. For a 1 hour session,  kids get 1 canvas and assortment of paints and brushes for sharing.

For a minimum order spend of Php5,000 for first 15 pax (additional pax of Php320/head), you may use the venue for 3 hours.  
Party decoration is simple yet festive and fun!
We had nachos and fries plus iced tea!
Love the colors of the plates, grayish blue and some were dainty pink,
STEP 3: Add ons to your party
  • Simple venue decors Php500
  • Greeting foil banner Php450
  • Foil letters for name - Php39/letter

More photos of our experience of The Craft Central Craft Explorers Party: 
With Lani of

Explore the fun world of crafts.  It fuels imagination and creativity, improves motor skills, and exercises listening skills.  For your next party, try an arts and crafts party at The Craft Central.

Book a Craft Explorers Party!  For party inquiries follow @thecraftcentral on Facebook and Instagram or email them at

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