L.O.L. Surprise! Under Wraps Feature And Review

When I was a little girl, I used to play with dolls and a doll house with an elevator a lot.  It was more of a building than a house, para s...

When I was a little girl, I used to play with dolls and a doll house with an elevator a lot.  It was more of a building than a house, para siyang condo.  So I guess my doll house was way advanced and cooler than others.  Haha!  I love dolls and I am sure if I have a daughter, I would had passed on my fascination with dolls to her.  But I don't have one or she hasn't been given to me yet.  Who knows right?  Konting dasal pa.

If you scan a toy store, you'll see that there are so many doll brands already, in different sizes, different looks, with different accessories and functionalities these days.  But there's one that's new to me and which caught my attention because it stood out from the rest - the LOL Surprise! Dolls.  LOL stands for Lil Outrageous Littles (not Laughing Out Loud, I'm sure if you're not familiar with this doll, you would've thought of that too!).

Recently, Bankee Toys, the official distributor of LOL Surprise! Dolls in the Philippines launched the newest line of the dolls called the LOL Surprise! Under Wraps, which I had the pleasure to host at Toys R Us branches.  During the hosting gig, I developed my curiosity and high interest about the LOL Surprise! Dolls.  Who wouldn't be curious about these cute and mysterious dolls right?

So here's a special toy feature and my short review!  But wait, I still can't stop wishing I had a little girl with me to share my excitement about unwrapping of the LOL Surprise! Under Wraps (see what I did there? LOL! - and that too! Hahaha!)


This is the cute packaging which looks like a giant capsule.  This is part of the Eye Spy Series just like their previous version which had a cute name Confetti Pop.  Did you notice the empty speech balloon?  It's not empty!  It's one of the surprises of this engaging doll that you have to decode using the magnifying-glass-looking decoder like the one the doll is using.  It read, "Look For Secret Clues"
At the back of the packaging, it says, there are 15 surprises inside.  Which I got really giddy excited about.  These are:
- Magnifying glass decoder
- Code
- Unlocking codes
- Sippy cup
- The Under Wrap Doll (2 covers to unwrap)
- Shoes (right and left)
- Accessories (its back pack and pacifier)
- Top and Bottom clothes
- 3 things it could do with water

That's 15 in all!  WOW!

There are three layers or wrappers to remove before you see the mysterious capsule itself with the doll.  Each of the wrappers have a a secret message I need to decode.  Gave me the decoder which looks like a magnifying glass.  Second wrapper layer it says "Getting Close!" in the speech bubble and gave me the Codes and Instruction Manual. Lastly, the third wrapper says "Almost There!" and revealed the capsule where the LOL Surprise! Doll with her accessories are!
When I saw this doll wrapped in silicone, I got so excited to unwrap it.  BUT WAIT!  Before I open the capsule, there are things that need to be done:
1. Open the capsule, there are four locks that need correct combinations to unlock the capsule.
2.  To get the codes to the correct combination, refer to the LOL Surprise! Codes.
3.  Use the magnifying glass to see the codes and combinations.  Make sure you have a good eyesight to see these codes. LOL!
4. Beware of too much suspense and excitement because as you uncover the perfect lock combinations, you unravel one surprise after the other!
5.  Uncover the doll's accessories one by one as you unlock the capsule's compartments.  Again, brace your hearts and your eyes because of the cuteness overload that you'll be seeing one by one.  Be ready to be SURPRISED!  Are you ready to see the reveal?  I'm sure you are!
Now let's do the UNWRAPPING ONE BY ONE.....
Starting with the doll...
AAWW... Isn't she cute?  She's "As If Baby" from the Glam Club.  I already love her at first sight because she is sooo like me when I was younger!
I opened the packages one by one to reveal the surprises such as her top and bottom clothes, her shoes, her accessories (bag and bottle), and her baby pacifier.
I covered her because she's not dressed.  Yeah, I am a certified conservative momma!  :)  Now time to dress her up...
Front and back photo details of my baby doll!  
Isn't she adorable?  No wonder little girls go crazy about LOL Surprise! Dolls and the Under Wraps Eye Spy Series is such a big hit among little and big girls.  Yes, BIG girls collect too - Hello to you Momma! :)  There's even a Facebook Page where doll collectors post photos of their dolls, do swapping, and updating each other about LOL!

Anyway, you think the surprise is done already, NOT YET!  My baby doll can be submerged in water or drink water and she pees and also releases water through her ears when pressed!  Such a cutie!

For someone who has three boys as kids, a doll will always be something familiar to me (because I look back to good old childhood memories) at the same time something new to me all over again because first it's not a doll I grew up with and second, I don't have a daughter who'd share my love for dolls.  So when something is new to me or anyone for that matter, seeing a LOL Surprise! Doll is a treat or something that will add sparkle to a girl's eyes.  What more for a little girl right?  Particularly to the Under Wraps, since there are small objects it's not recommended to children below 3 years of age. Happy that it's indicated on its packaging.  But if you're a segurista mom like me, I would give this kind of doll to bigger kids, beginning 6 years old to big girls ages 60+ who love dolls!  There are instructions that need to be read and clues to follow which a younger child might not be able to comprehend at an early stage and will not appreciate.  Pwede naman if younger than six, just make sure the child is supervised during play.  

The doll collection is huge with seven series to date (1, 2, 3, Eye Spy, Glam Glitter, Glitter, and Surprise), belonging to 25 clubs, of six different types (1, Biggie Pets and Ruts, Food Babies, Lil Sisters, Pets, and Tots), and even comes in different rarity (Fabulous, Fancy, Popular, Rare, and Ultra Rare).  If you're a new to this brand of doll, boy you will definitely want to collect them all!  Naku lalo na the desire to get the Ultra Rare type right? 

The LOL Surprise Dolls may come in wide array of series, clubs, types, and rarity, but all of them look so endearing!  Who wouldn't be attracted to small dolls with big eyes?  The dolls have different skin color, different hair styles, different personalities, different styles. I like that it's made that way because it represents and celebrates the differences of people/children coming from different parts of the world.  It teaches respect and embracing differences to eliminate discrimination at a young age.  It's saying no matter what color you are, whether your hair is straight or curly, long or short, dark or light, everyone is beautiful!  That's a win for me right there!

If you have a daughter or if you are a mom and are still fond of dolls and collecting them, you would definitely love to get your hands on a LOL Surprise! Doll... especially the Under Wraps!  The LOL Surprise! Doll Under Wraps stimulates the mind in a very good way with all the hidden messages, secret clues, decoding, unlocking, unwrapping, and revealing that's all happening right before your very eyes!  It's not for the faint heart I would say!  

Overall, the dolls bring positive values, are intellectually stimulating, a great way to encourage actual play and minimize screen time, adorably collectible, and is worth every peso you'd spent for it.  Would you get a surprise doll even if like any surprise collectibles, you may get the same doll twice or thrice?  YES!  Because there's a huge community of LOL Surprise Dolls who trade in their dolls and make friends with each other and do meet ups as well!  All good right?  Here's their community on Facebook.

So there you have it, my feature and super comprehensive review with feelings yan loves!

The LOL Surprise! Dolls Under Wraps is exclusively distributed by Bankee Toys in the Philippines.

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