New Year, New Hair (Plus Bench FIX Salon Eastwood Review)

I've already shared on my Instagram and Facebook Page my new look for 2019.  I have been contemplating the new hair cut for a month or t...

I've already shared on my Instagram and Facebook Page my new look for 2019.  I have been contemplating the new hair cut for a month or two already.  I was supposed to have it done last December, but bilang the Christmas and the New Year seasons are the busiest, I wasn't able to find time to do it.  Finally, last January 6, Sunday, I chopped my hair.

Having a short hair again is liberating!  I love my new hair!
For some, having a new hair especially coming from long locks to super or extreme short meant may pinagdadaanan ang nagpagupit, like a heartbreak, loss of a loved one, or gusto magrebelde.  Some have their haircut to come out as a new person (psychologically speaking - the crowning glory really affects how we see and feel about ourselves most of the time right?).  But personally, no wala akong problemang mabigat, hindi ako heartbroken, and it's not really meant to welcome the new year with a new me kumbaga.  It's really to put an end to my longtime hair problem, damaged, curly, frizzy, and unmanageable long locks.  It had been years that I refused to have it rebonded again because I believe the damage and the reason why it became curly was because of years of it had been rebonded repeatedly.  I resorted to hair treatments, all the Brazilian spas, other restorative hair treatments, and daily conditioner, but waley, nega, deads pa rin, #salotkulot, and buhaghag forevs pa rin ang hair drama.

I just wanted to snip all these damaged part of my hair and start new, sumakto lang talaga sa new year. 

Let me share that this isn't so new to me because I sported a short hair since Grade 6, all throughout high school - college, and up until I gave birth to my fist baby.  I decided to grow it long after child birth up until last January 6! :)  So when people commented that I looked 10 to 20 years younger, I guess they were just reminded of how I looked when I was younger with this short hair.  Here are some photos of my younger self in high school and college:
High School grad pictures
College Grad pictures
Let me share with you my hair inspirations, it's like my hair-mood board:
Maricar Reyes-Poon and Riki Flo, my hair inspirations
Okay, so here's my haircut story.  I was referred to by many friends to Bench Fix Salon in Eastwood Mall.  It was where my kumare had her pixies and I really loved her cut!  I told her last year, someday mamang, I'll have that hair too!  So she supported me and went to see me pa after the hair cut!
My sister from another mother, Joy!  Uso na ang pogi-mommies!
First of all, this is not sponsored, I paid for all services.  I am just really happy with the result and the kind of service and care they give each of their customers.  Ms. Bob was my stylist.  I was asking for a senior stylist because I was willing to spend for this hair cut which will be a big change to how I look.  But gladly, all stylists there are considered senior raw.  So that said boosted confidence in me that the hairstylist would get what I really want and execute it well.  

Ate Bob didn't fail me.  She was even so considerate to me having a long hair biglang ipapa-pogi cut such as the photos I showed her.  She didn't want me to be shocked or mabigla because my hair style would require an undercut - which I have never ever done before!

So dinahan-dahan niya ako talaga.  First shampoo then start na.

She immediately got what I wanted for my hair the moment I showed her my hair inspirations.  She also showed me some photos of relatively same style that would best fit me given my hair texture, which is naturally wavy.  She also mentioned that since I have an oval face, short hair would suit me well.

But she still very concerned na baka daw mabigla ako, so she suggested that she gives me a longer version first to see if I would like it or go for shorter.  Ayaw lang niya na magsisisi ang customers daw niya especially those who'd been sporting long hair styles for decades.  I highly appreciate that thoughtfulness and customer service and care.  So ito muna ang first style she made for me:
One-sided bob for a start she said, to get me comfortable for chopping a lot of my hair.
I said, sige go shorter!  She did this as a safety haircut.  

She gave me my moment and asked, are you ready to go shorter and have one side with undercut?

GULP!  I said LET'S DO IT!  Go cut it na!
Ms. Bob was really compassionate I must say to even think of how I will think and feel about cutting it short and have an undercut for the first time.  She had so many waiting customers but she took her time with me and made me feel important while I was on the seat.  Dan shampooed and blow-dried my hair.  He was also very pleasant and was smiling all throughout.

After few more minutes, few undercut tries and shorter nips, here's my new hair cut which I will be sporting for 2019.
Her service didn't end there, she even gave me styling tips for this kind of hairstyle.  It's a wash and wear hairstyle na honestly may binabagayan.  Blessed to have an oval face kaya I qualified for this short do.  I can style this by blow drying it, ironing the longer part, applying wax for a polished look, or applying a sculpting bond for a wet look.  Or wash and wear lang if tamad na to style it.  Huwag ko lang kalimutan mag brush.

So how do you like this change in my look?  Yay or Nay?  

Thanks to Ms. Bob of Bench Fix Salon in Eastwood Mall for being so patient, thoughtful, and professional!  I'll definitely be back for touch ups or who knows, I might go shorter pa!

Bench FIX Salon is located at 2nd Level, Eastwood Mall, Orchard Road, Bagumbayan, Libis, Quezon City, Metro Manila.  

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  1. I want that hairstyle too!! you look sexy madam!, naging palaban ka po tgnan hehe, nwala ng konti sweet look mo, buti po bumagay sau, sakin d yan kasi babagay ahahah, mahaba po kasi mukha ko, babalu hahaha, pgtatawanan lng ako haayyy, but I'm still looking for new hairstyle!


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