Bench Cafe Opens Second Branch At Greenbelt 3

I love Filipino dishes, it's my favorite since I was a child.  Yes, if you're one of those wondering what BENCH Cafe serves, it'...

I love Filipino dishes, it's my favorite since I was a child.  Yes, if you're one of those wondering what BENCH Cafe serves, it's all proudly Filipino food.  I cannot think of other local brands that carries Filipino pride like Bench.  I grew up knowing this Pinoy brand through Richard Gomez' TV Commercial back in the 80s. 

Recently, Bench innovated from clothing to a dining concept restaurant called Bench Cafe.  It celebrates its first anniversary at the Bench flagship store in BGC and at the same time launched its second branch in Greenbelt 3.  I was invited to its launch to celebrate their milestone as well as to enjoy a gastronomic experience!  Indeed it was a pleasure being there to taste most of what's in their menu.
First impression of the cafe, sophisticated yet inviting interiors but at the same time casual.  You know it's local but presentation is global.  Ambiance is pretty busy, fun, a place for great conversations among family and friends.  Overall, I like the concept of the restaurant.
Sophisticated yet welcoming interior
#LiveLifeWithFlavor Bench Cafe's overall thrust.  Follow this hashtag for more stories
When it comes to food, I was surprised that everything on the menu which was prepared for us for food tasting had bursts of unique flavors.  You can differentiate one dish from the other. unlike other dining places which have a variety of food, but everything tastes the same, maybe the same oil?  I am not sure about others, but Bench Cafe's food tasted exquisitely Filipino!  I seriously forgot about my diet and didn't skip any food on the menu.  I got to taste and finish the small servings.   My tongue could recognize which tasted best and what my favorite was.  Food was mouth-watering and satisfying as well.

Here's what I had:
Chori Slider
 Pancit Sisig
 Bagnet Kare-Kare with Bagoong Rice
 Insasal Liempo with Gising Gising
 Sugpo sa Talangka
 U.S. Beef Tapa Silog
 Banana Cue and Turon
 White Halo Halo
 Ube Halo Halo
My favorites are the following:

  • Bagnet Kare-Kare with Bagoong Rice - It had just the perfect taste of peanut sauce which mixes well with the crisp veggies.  I love that the bagoong we usually pair with Kare-Kare is already cooked with the rice.  It's like a fusion of Filipino and Thai cusine.  I am quite biased to Kare-Kare being my favorite Filipino food since I was younger.
  • Pancit Sisig - I've never tasted Sisig the way I tasted it in Bench Cafe.  Surprisingly, it tastes good on pancit!  The flavorful sisig blends well with the humble noodles which is a great alternative to the usual rice.
  • Sugpo sa Talangka - I loved this dish!  I wanted more actually!  Please if you have high blood, don't unless you are a risk-taker.  But this dish is deadly delicious and tasty!  Imagine sugpo with talangka?  Ugh!  To die for!
  • Turon - I've always loved banana fritters, and this one comes with langka in it.  It's a dessert so expect it to be sweet!  I love that the banana was cooked well with the melted brown sugar glazed perfectly over it.
  • Ube Halo Halo - I like this better than its white counterpart.  I tasted and finished the white halo halo, but I like this better because it's different.  One can really taste real deal ube in it.

I can't wait to go back to also try other dishes they recommended such as Sisig Lettuce Cups with Calamansi Foam, the Crispy Lumpia Cones with Tinapa Mousse and Salsa, the Tsoknut Ice Cream Sandwich, and lastly another favorite of mine, Flan B (leche flan with macapuno).

The successful Bench Cafe culinary venture is a partnership between FOODEE Global Concepts and Suyen Corporation.   Bench cafe is located at the second floor of the Bench flagship store at 9th Ave. cor. Lane O BHS, BGC, and second floor of Greenbelt 3 Ayala Center.  For more information and updates, follow Bench Cafe on Facebook and Instagram @benchcafeph.  #LiveLifeWithFlavor

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  1. oooohhhh!! pinoy dishes! gusto ko tlga gnyang kainan lng, sosyal na kainan pero proudly presents tlga pinoy dish lng dapat! nagutom ako sa mga foods! kakain na nga ako madam hahaha


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