Why Time is Love And How To Have #ZeroWorries This 2019

Ever since I became a full-time stay-at-home-mom, I realized three things about TIME.  First, I realized how much valuable TIME really is fo...

Ever since I became a full-time stay-at-home-mom, I realized three things about TIME.  First, I realized how much valuable TIME really is for the family. Second, I also realized how time management plays an important role in making sure that as a mom I am able to give more of myself to my children – the very reason why I left my corporate job last year.  Third, I realized time flies by so faster at home compared to sitting on a desk in an office ticking one corporate task after the other.

Best Ever Joy
TIME also spells love in the family.  I became busier at home than I’ve ever been the office.  I thought I was already tired and stressed in the corporate setting managing and executing one nationwide project after the other, but it’s different at home.  It’s like I have so much to do and yet I have very limited time.  I do almost all the house chores from the time I wake up, until they fall asleep.  One of the chores I do more than three times a day at times is washing dishes, kasi naman hello sebo!  I don’t want to use a greasy plate or a half-cleaned pot or pan for cooking.  Believe me it takes a lot of TIME away from my husband and my kids.  Although, yes the home is organized and clean, but my husband and my kids feel less loved – because all I do is clean.  Nagtatampo na sila to be honest, and I feel guilty about it.
JOY Dishwashing Liquid
This 2019, I need to come up with a sure solution, especially the dishwashing part which takes too much time away from them. I need to make up for loss time of bonding with my husband and play with my kids and have Zero-Worries when it comes to managing our home and my precious time with my family.
Best Ever Joy
Best-ever JOY has helped in achieving this #ZeroWorries goal because my dishwashing time became shorter.  To be honest, their old formula seemed to take longer to remove grease on pots.  I scrub longer and even had to reapply Joy on my sponge to get the job done.  It does get the job done for sure, but not as quicker as how I do dishes these days with the best-ever JOY.  I also tried other brands but their performances fell short to my expectations.  Hindi naman totally natatanggal ang sebo plus I had to use more amount of the dishwashing liquid and even paste.   So in the end, it’s impractical because ang daming sayang.  With the Best-Ever Joy, #ZeroWorries achieved!  Clean plates and cooking items in a short time.  The shorter time I spend in chores such as dishwashing, the more family time we get.  The more time I could cuddle with my husband and kids, the happier and more loved they could feel.  Because TIME spells LOVE for my husband and kids talaga.  With Best-ever JOY mas may oras na ako sa pamilya ko, and even for self-care, dahil with Zero-sebo and zero worries Joy, hindi ko na kailangan ulitin ang mga hugasin.  

Let me share with you some hacks that I do in dishwashing that will not only save time but money too (a practical mom knows well that she should get the best value-for-money on products she uses at home, isa na ditto ang JOY!):

  1. One (1) drop of JOY goes a long way.  Make sure you also use quality sponge to partner with Joy.  Agitate or piga-pigain ang basang sponge para bumula.  Then you could start washing many dishes with just a small amount of JOY.
  2. Separate pots and pans from dishes.  Pots and pans are greasier, so wash them after the dishes.  Don’t mix them with plates in the sink as well.  Put a drop of JOY and hot water for a few minutes before washing them.  Makikita mong nahihiwalay nang mas mabilis ang sebo.
  3. Delegate or ask help.  Do you have a teenager like me?  Or a young child who’s old enough to handle dishes?  Teach them how to wash dishes properly using a dependable product such as JOY to save time, energy, and make you less physically exhausted or drained.  You hit three birds with one stone.  One, they learn life skills.  Two, you’re less tired.  Three, you save time and spend it with what matters more.

Best ever Joy
I am sure. many moms could relate to this.  I know and I can feel your worries and frustration about time management, having a clean home, and being able to spend TIME with your family.  Have #ZeroWorries this 2019 with the best-ever JOY and witness how your family life and even your marriage improve.  Remember, TIME is also spelled as LOVE.

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  1. The best talaga ang joy kasi mas napapadali nya ang paghuhugas ko ng plato, tanggal agad ang makapit na sebo kaya time saver din. Nakakaenjoy pa lalo maghugas ng plato and More time for my family!

  2. true.. yung iba kasi sa totoo lang.. sa umpisa okay.. kapag bagong bukas yung bottle.. then kapag tagal tagal.. hala.. need twice na hugasan.. sayang oras.. huhuhu!

  3. Love Fullido Guirigay CompocMarch 2, 2019 at 4:09 AM

    True yang time and time management 💛 Sa dami gawain di mo namamalayan na no spare TIME kana sa kids kaya TIME MANAGEMENT is really important. I do that hacks too para iwas tagal and good thing my toddler is my helper or minsan si eldest son pero dahil girl nga siguro kaya si 2nd mas active sa gawaing bahay. She would really insist and i would refuse kasi nga feel ko mapapatagal ako lalo but one time noong nag -aantay sila sa aming storytelling time ( di talga nawawala to at looking forward sila everyday, ako naman panay isip ng iba ibang stories na may good moral lesson after ) , she bursted her frustrations na. She begs to help me on the dishes for she knows na how to do it kasi everyday nga eksena sa kusina after cooking time , eat muna then ayan na ung mga piled dishes. I don't usually buy that Joy in big container, usually sachets lang talaga ako kasi nasa suking tindahan. Ginagawa ko is transfer to an empty container and explain to her na isang patak lang, solve na. She exclaimed as "Joy" creates magic on our greasy plates 😁. I realized too that doing house chores with them is bonding narin namin. Kaya #zeroworries ako na na-consume ng paghuhugas ang oras ko sa halip na nasa mga anak ko💛 And when done, dami kong time na sabayan sila. I tutor my kids too lalo na si daughter na going to school na this year. Sarap sa feeling na guilty-free ka. House chores can be time consuming pero we should be very keen in choosing the right cleaning partner lalo na health is wealth too. We can't afford getting sick just because we chose the wrong one. We can never compromise our family's well being. Kaya subok na ko sa Joy💛

  4. Samantha AguilarMarch 3, 2019 at 6:36 PM

    I do love to use Joy din, always tlgang malaking tulong sya sakin sa pghuhugas kasi less kiskis and madami tlga matanggal sebo! d nako nandidiri mghugas sa mga masesebong mantsa hehe, d na din sumasakit kamay ko gaya ng dati.

  5. That is so true! Time management is key! :) Ang blessed mo with your kids very helpful around the house as well. The new Joy, isang patak sa sponge maraming nahuhugasan.. sabi not recommended daw to dilute na in water. :)


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