Our Little Heartbeat Photography Shoot for Baby Dove PH #RealMoms Campaign

I am honored to once again participate in the Baby Dove photo shoot with two of my kids.  Hindi ko na pwede isama syempre ang teenager, beca...

I am honored to once again participate in the Baby Dove photo shoot with two of my kids.  Hindi ko na pwede isama syempre ang teenager, because hindi na "baby" yun, pang men's na nga ang gamit niya.  I wasn't able to share on the blog about these photos but nevertheless, here it is.

The photo shoots were for Baby Dove's Mother's Day #RealMoms 2018 and 2019 campaigns.  I am really grateful and proud to be part of this project the first time around and also the second time!  I am happy because my little ones are authentic Baby Dove users especially my youngest so these shoots were memorable!

Locations were shot in beautiful houses with huge windows which helped photographers get bright photos of their subjects.  The setups in the houses were done by INCY ROOMS (you could find their pages herehere and here). All photos were captured by Little Heartbeat Photography.

SHOOTING WITH A TODDLER - An AWESOME Experience with Little Heartbeat Photography
Every Baby Dove shoots I had with my toddler was a #RealMom story..eeerr struggle.  All the photos were real!  Little Heartbeat Photography's team was AWESOME!  Hands down to their talented team for still capturing the beauty of motherhood amidst the chaos, the tantrums, and little cranks of my toddler.
During the first shoot, my toddler was unforgettable to the team that he was remembered even on the second shoot (almost a year after!).  My son wasn't cooperative during the first shoot, no one could get a good smile from him unless a gadget was handed.  But I didn't want gadgets around actually.  So when the song of PJ Mask was played, his eyes lit up wide open, he ran across the house, he was so activated and energized, and he was unstoppable.  

The photographer assigned to us got an instant work out for running after us from one side of the house to the other end.  But ang galing lang they were able to capture great photos.  

Beyond the skills, it's the eye for a magical moment, for the outburst of joy, for the realness of the connection of their subjects that sets them apart.
Little Heartbeat Photography is a young team with absolutely patient photographers.  They understand how short the attention span of little ones is.  They are quick to shoot.  They know what to capture.  They know how to make the subjects smile or laugh or be distracted.  They are also sensitive to the mommy subjects who may be feeling a bit frustrated with their kids who threw tantrums (that's me actually) and probably are a little bit embarrassed.  They make the moms feel comfortable (that's me again) and let them know that it's okay.
They have an eye for what's beautiful, in fact, all the moments captured even the not-so-beautiful scenarios were made beautiful in their lenses.  What magic is that?  Answer me Little Heartbeat Photography, please? :)
The crew was so friendly, always smiling (even if I know they're exhausted from whole day shoot and energies depleted from all the kids who also magically took the energies away from them), and warm.  A lot of help also came from the beauties from Bridges PR.
We had fun with the two shoots we did with Little Heartbeat Photography.  The photos were so wonderful! Thank you, guys! :)

But that's what I love about the Baby Dove campaign.  The more real mom situations from not only me but other participating moms, the better.  Because their message is that there really aren't perfect moms, only real ones.  Social media photos with perfect smiles from kids and well-arranged houses could be deceiving or sometimes could put pressure on many moms like you and me.  It makes you think am I doing it right?  Am I doing enough?  Am I good enough?
YES MOMMY!  You are enough!  You do YOU!  You're the BEST MOM there is for your kids and no one could ever replace you.  Motherhood indeed has no manual, our kids are unique that's why our ways may not be compared with others.  Your children, your choice - how to parent them, how to discipline them, what and how to feed them.
With the RealMom campaign, I hope the message is clear that we should never shame any mom for the personal choices she makes for her children.  No mom is lesser than any for choosing a way different from you or me.

Thanks Little Heartbeat Photography and Baby Dove PH for this campaign and for the wonderful gift you've given me as a mother - beautiful pictures capturing real moments of motherhood!  I hope to have more shoots with you!  I am grateful!

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