Best Ever Joy's Salu-Salo Event

Recently, I attended one of the most joyous, most festive, and grandest events when I went to the #BestEverLife salu-salo at Plaza Ibarra ...

Recently, I attended one of the most joyous, most festive, and grandest events when I went to the #BestEverLife salu-salo at Plaza Ibarra with some of your favorite mom bloggers too.  With the launch of its new and best-ever formulation, Joy, the leading dishwashing liquid in the Philippines, doubled its famous old record of number of plates washed with a single bottle. From 8,000 plates 20 years ago, 17,500 plates were cleaned with just one single 495 ml bottle of the new Best Ever Joy - covering the entire length of the San Juanico bridge and back.
I am a long-time user of Joy in fact, trivia lang, super bonus pa that I did two TV Commercials of JOY with Bitoy himself (that was my sideline even before I started blogging).  Look:
2007 JOY TV Commercial with Michael V.  Also my first-ever ad done!
Then in 2013, I was again cast to be one of the three lead mom roles of Joy's Barangay TVC (na I don't have a copy of huhuhu!)  Hello friends from JOY, maybe you have, please send me a copy of this TVC loves! :)

With this history I have with the best-ever Joy and Bitoy, I've somehow witnessed their development and success through the years.  Joy keeps on innovating and in fact, according to David Jay Gomez, Dish Care Brand Manager at Procter and Gamble, "With our effort to continuously innovate Joy to help Filipino families achieve their Best Ever Life, we introduce the new Best Ever Joy that can wash more plates with just one bottle. This means more savings for families that they can use to lead their best ever lives. The Best Ever Joy is so good that its new formulation was able to clean 17,500 plates with just one bottle of Joy, doubling our own record of almost 8,000 plates 20 years ago."
The event was hosted by Jolina Magdangal-Escueta. We were filled with scrumptious Filipino dishes and delicacies and festive song and dance performances.  During the program, a short discussion with celebrity mom Ruffa Mae Quinto and my blogger friend Momi Berlin took place where they shared their own stories of how the new best-ever Joy has helped them lead the best ever life.  Joy's superior dishwashing ability was proven through experiment videos shown during the program.
Personally, as shared on my social media channels, dishwashing is one of my favorite household chores because of the relaxing sound and feel of water.  And though I've tried other brands, I still come back to Joy because it's the most effective for me, most practical with a lot of savings because one drop of Joy on the sponge really goes a long way.  Mas nakakatipid talaga ako, plus it cuts the time of washing or even repeating the dishwashing process (just because hindi agad natatanggal ang sebo) so that means, more time for family lalo na with the kids.  That for me is how I live the best-ever life with Joy.
Another highglight of the event was when Joy commemorated SOS Children’s Village Alabang as Joy’s beneficiary in bringing the best ever life to Filipino household by supporting the children’s daily meals.  Kaya mas love ko pa lalo ang Joy!
Kayo?  How do you live your best-ever life by using Joy?  Share niyo naman sa comments momsh!

For more information about Joy, visit the Joy Philippines Facebook page.

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