NEW Downy DETERGENT, Available Na! I've Found The ONE!

Mommies, you've seen in my posts about my latest laundry discovery, yes, ang DOWNY may DETERGENT NA!  Since its discovery, my laundry li...

Mommies, you've seen in my posts about my latest laundry discovery, yes, ang DOWNY may DETERGENT NA!  Since its discovery, my laundry life has never been the same. When I saw it already available in the supermarket, August pa lang yun, they haven't launched yet online nor sa TV, my first reaction was, "Wow!  Downy Detergent?!  For sure ang bango nito!"

I've always imagined before pa na what if ang Downy magka-detergent na, for sure amoy Downy yun!  Ang funny because I personally replace fresh and good-smelling clothes to Downy na.  Finally, I've got what I've secretly longed for and I could say I've found the ONE I need for laundry. Kilala niyo naman ako mga mommies, I won’t recommend something na hindi maganda, effective, at makakatulong sa ating mga nanay.

I am so happy to be one of the firsts to test the new Downy Detergent.  When I was sent the Hulabada box, I was more than thrilled to give in to that unboxing!

So that weekend, I immediately tried the New Downy Detergent and let me tell you how much I love this newest laundry innovation from Downy!

1.  It has the world’s first-ever Perfume Boosters that gives your laundry an elevated pleasant experience.  The perfume boosters are the reasons for the long-lasting Downy Scent that you will smell all throughout your laundry.  Sabi ko nga diba, when you hear the word DOWNY, ang synonym nito ay MABANGO.

2.  Superior Cleaning Formula.  Not only it leaves your clothes smelling so good but it cleans it really well!  With its superior cleaning formula, your clothes will be sparkling clean. I tried the blue Downy Detergent variant on my yellowish clothes na, and amazing talaga!  Parang magic na naging sparkling clean and pumuti sila.

3.  Mild on hands.  I wash my clothes both via machine and hands.  Nilalabhan ko kasi ang mga intimates ko with hands.  I’ve tried a lot of other detergents and sensitive ang hands ko sa mga masyadong matatapang na mga formula.  But with Downy Detergent, hindi na-irritate ang mga hands ko.  The new Downy Detergent is really mild on hands.  Try it for yourselves mga mommies!
I couldn’t stress how much I love the new Downy Detergent!  Truly, I’ve found the ONE for me!  For me, Downy has all the qualities I am looking for in an effective laundry detergent.  Mabango. Malinis ang mga damit.  Mild sa mga kamay!

After washing our clothes with Downy Detergent, the signature scent of Downy ay amoy na amoy!  Even when you fold it and keep it in the closet, after a week before using yung shirt na nilabhan ko, it still smells as if it's freshly washed!  If you air dry it or leave newly washed clothes sa sampayan, abot hanggang kanto yung amoy.  Hahaha but kidding aside, you'll really smell the perfume boosters that's in the detergent.   Indeed super nakaka-good vibes or good mood maglaba using Downy.

I'm sure many moms who wash regularly would agree to the saying that no matter how tiring cleaning or washing it, it's still therapeutic to us.  The thought of cleanliness and the scent that goes with it spells fulfillment and achievement.  Ito mga mommies, you elevate that sense of fuflfillment when you use this newest from Downy because hindi pa man tapos ang labahin, alam mong achieve na achieve mo na ang clean and perfume smelling clothes that only Downy Detergent could achieve for us mga mommies.

So bago pa magka-ubusan sa supermarket, I really encourage you to try the #NEWDOwnyDETERGENT today and see for yourselves what the buzz is all about!  Mapapa-I've found the ONE ka rin for sure!

Downy Detergent is available in leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide in different sizes:

  • 1Wash 43g, PHP10
  • Jumbo 70g, PHP16
  • Small Bag 680g, PHP145
  • Big Bag 1410g, PHP295

If natry niyo na mga momsh, tag me in your stories or testimonies about your laundry using Downy Detergent and use the hashtags #MommyPracticality.

For more information, details, and updates, follow Downy Philippines on Facebook and Instagram too!  For more stories, you may follow their hashtags too mga momsh #MayForeverCleanAndFresh #NewDownyDETERGENT

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