3 Ways To Protect Our Kids' Stomach Health

You may have heard this a number of times already but no one worries more in the household when it comes to kids’ overall health and well...

You may have heard this a number of times already but no one worries more in the household when it comes to kids’ overall health and well-being but the mother.  That worrier but warrior is ME. 

I fight my worries by making sure my kids eat healthy and are protected. But I can only do so much because there are things beyond my control. For example, I can’t always monitor if my kids touch or rolled on the floor during play then accidentally put their fingers inside their mouth. Another thing, kids in school sometimes share their baon with each other but being the protective mom that I am, I can’t help think what if the food or water or any liquid he takes from others are contaminated? Naku, lalo na my very active toddler who likes exploring and eating (at the same time!)  I worry that his stomach’s immune system may not be strong enough that he’ll get tummy aches due to various bacteria and viruses on surfaces he touches.

I’ve rounded up three simple and easy ways to protect our children’s digestive health and boost their immune systems.

  • WASH. Proper washing of hands — teach your kids by being a good example.  It’s not enough to just say, as parents, we should also do — walk the talk.  Washing of hands is important before and after eating, after using the restroom, and especially when our hands get soiled from touching dirty surfaces. Bacteria and viruses breed in surfaces everywhere that when our children come into contact with, easily multiply and make our children sick. Putting their unwashed fingers in their mouth when eating could lead to serious tummy aches.  Next, the restroom is one of the most unsanitary rooms one could find, especially in public areas. It’s best to always wash hands as often as possible.
  • WASH AND COOK FOOD THOROUGHLY. Fruits and vegetables should be thoroughly washed and meat should be cooked all the way through. Washing our fruits and vegetables helps remove bacteria, especially E.coli. Peeling and cooking them will also help get rid of some bacteria which may cause stomach illnesses.  When it comes to meat, cook it all the way through. Rare meat may not suit the sensitive tummies of our kids. Cooking kills the bacteria in raw meats which sometimes cause food poisoning. Let’s always do best practices when it comes to preparing and cooking food for our family, especially our kids.
  • GIVE ERCEFLORA PROBIBEARS.  I read that to protect our kids’ digestive health, we have to give our kids some good bacteria. That’s why I give them Erceflora ProbiBears every day.  

What is it?  It is a probiotic food supplement that contains 2 bacteria strains: Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis — in an enjoyable and sugar-free bear.  Both my two younger kids love it because it’s vanilla-flavored and it looks cute! They take this without knowing it’s a food supplement. 

When my grade-schooler first tried it a few years ago, he thought it was one of his yummy rewards for being a good boy.  We used to have health challenges with him especially when he was younger.  He used to complain about his tummy.  We asked a pediatrician friend about it and she recommended Erceflora ProbiBears to us. Then I also learned about it from my mom friends online, so I said, we should give it a try.  Since then, he hasn’t complained of any tummy concerns.

Now the little one also enjoys it as much as his Kuya does.  It’s safe to use from age 3 up to 12.  Taking Erceflora ProbiBears every day protects our children’s tummies.

But remember that even if this is such a powerful supplement, it’s still best to practice basic measures of preventing stomach illness mentioned above.

Try Erceflora ProbiBears too for happy tummies of our kids.  It’s available in leading pharmacies nationwide.  For more information, visit www.ercefloraprobibears.com.

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