Keeping the family healthy and our immunity strong during ECQ

I’ll be honest enough to say that this ECQ has not been easy for me and many other moms. In a previous blog post, I shared tips on how to st...

I’ll be honest enough to say that this ECQ has not been easy for me and many other moms. In a previous blog post, I shared tips on how to stay positive during quarantine. It is not easy and we struggled a lot. We still are struggling but with the end goal of keeping our immunity strong and our family healthy, the challenges seem to be worth it. Our new normal is one that will probably determine the way we will live forever and I don’t really mind. As we make wellness a new way of life, you can count on Watsons to be with you every step of the way.

Here are a few recommendations from Watsons on keeping your immunity strong and your family healthy.

Tea - great source of antioxidants
We need to make sure our immunity is boosted during these times.  Exercise should be part of your activities as a family.  I've done that a few times and admittedly I should be doing it more often. Exercising literally shakes up things. It makes us happy, it strengthens our immunity and improves the body’s flexibility. If we lose some weight along the way, then that’s a bonus, right?

Healthy foods like vegetables and fruits are the best sources of nutrients.  But, with very limited movements and resources, these aren't always accessible.  But drinking tea could help also as source of antioxidants our bodies need.  I get Nutrabliss by Watsons and drink a cup or two every day.
Multivitamins, Vitamin C, and Supplements 
As a busy mom who sleeps the latest and wakes up early in the morning, sometimes I feel weak and overworked.  Again mommies, sleep is very important in healing our bodies, keeping us alert, and improving our moods.  But for times I lack some sleeping hours, I feel as if I'm going to have flu.  That's why I make sure apart from eating well, my husband and I take multi-vitamins to supplement the amount of nutrients we need each day, which we don't get from food sometimes.  Here are some from Watsons that you may want to also try:

  • Watsons Generics Ascorbic Acid which we take every day.  
  • Conzace Soft Gel, which is rich in Zinc, Vit. A, C and E to help boost immunity and promotes healthy hair and skin. 
  • Myra E 400IU is also rich in Vitamin E that helps fight cell damage. 
  • Growee Syrup and Cherifer PGM with Zinc capsules to support height growth and help the body become stronger.
  • MET Tathione, NU Essence Collagen and Organique Acai Juice and those that harness the power of natural ingredients such as MX3 capsules and Watsons Generics Malunggay + Mangosteen.  These protect our skin and body from the harmful environmental factors that may cause damage.
Cough Syrup, VCO, and Alcohol
At home, I always have Ascof Forte Syrup, Strepsils and Prosource Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for health issues and concerns. Also very important is Biogenic Ethyl Alcohol.

Watsons continues to provide your family's health essentials in any of its stores nationwide. You can also order online at or call selected branches to have your orders delivered. For contact details of branches near you, you can check out this list:

When you shop, use your Watsons Card to earn points and get a chance to win a UV Care Deluxe Germ Terminator, Super Power UV Vacuum or Smart Robot UV Vacuum with a minimum purchase of Php500 on select health items. Promo runs until June 24, 2020.

For more updates, you can also follow us on our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram at @watsonsph. Stay safe and healthy!

So mommies, the most important thing is to really just stay home during these days.  Only go out when absolutely needed like replenishing food, groceries, and medicines.  Good thing Watsons products may be ordered online.  Remember to always keep safe and to prioritize your family's health with the help from Watsons.

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