The Many Different Forms of U.S. Potatoes

What? Potatoes come in different forms? The answer is, YES!   But first let me tell you about the time I fell in love with potatoes.   W...

What? Potatoes come in different forms? The answer is, YES!  But first let me tell you about the time I fell in love with potatoes.


When I was a toddler, the potato is the first vegetable I ever ate and actually loved!  It was an introduction to the wonderful healthy veggie world.  I loved it because it didn’t taste bitter nor smelled funky.  And that’s what I did for my children, too!  I started their veggie journey with the simple yet super nutritious potatoes!


The humble spud is essentially a super food. Did you know that the nutrients in potatoes help boost our energy and strengthen our immune system? They are a good source of complex carbohydrates, vitamins like Vitamin C and Vitamin B6, and minerals such as protein and iron. All of which help keep us strong and protect us from common illnesses.  Yummy and healthy. That’s what the entire family needs!


And speaking of taters, make sure you’re consuming top-quality U.S. potatoes. They are delicious, versatile, easily available, and affordable. U.S. potatoes can be used in all types of dishes and cuisines. It’s your all-around kitchen partner.


Potatoes can be enjoyed fried, boiled, baked, steamed, grilled, and many other ways! This brings us to the initial question… Did you know that potatoes come in different forms?  I also was not aware of this. Then I read up more about this veggie I consume almost every day. Here’s what I found out.


U.S. Fresh / Table-stock Potatoes – these are the potatoes most of us are familiar with.  This is what we see in stores everywhere.  Did you know that there are more than a hundred U.S fresh potato varieties, but they fall under these seven categories: russet, red, white, yellow, blue-purple, fingerling, and petite. Now, U.S. fresh potatoes are not always available in the Philippines. Good news is they’re currently in stock in supermarkets in Manila and Cebu! Check them out in the produce section of the store nearest you.

Suggested Recipe: Porkchop with U.S. Potatoes in Gravy


U.S. Frozen Potatoes – these come in different varieties and are easily available in leading supermarkets nationwide. U.S. frozen potatoes use state-of-the-art technology to meet high industry standards and are instantly quick-frozen to lock in the flavor and nutrients. Some of the cuts available are frozen half shells, wedges, slices, straight cuts, crinkle cuts, loop/curly or popularly known as twister fries, lattice/basket weave, tater tots, and hash browns. We usually buy straight-cut fries and hash browns.  I am more comfortable cooking them at home because I know exactly what kind of cooking oil and how much salt I use. 

Good old-fashion Fries with Catsup or Mayo


U.S. Dehydrated Potatoes – I also didn’t know about this type until I read about them!  When you hear the word dehydrated it automatically means lack of water, right?  Dehydrated potatoes are real potatoes just with all the water removed.  U.S. dehydrated potato products deliver all the flavor, nutrition, and versatility of potatoes in a more convenient package – and are the perfect ingredient for everything from soups and salads to main dishes and desserts.  If you’re a newbie, like me, try making the basic mashed potato. It’ so quick and easy, you’d be done in minutes! Here in the Philippines, you can usually find them in baking supply stores. 

Suggested Recipe: Quick and Easy Mashed Potato


As a mom who loves to cook, knowing that one of my favorite veggies has this much to offer makes me giddy with excitement! U.S. potatoes truly present a world of POTATOBILITIES in the kitchen.


Make sure to include U.S. potatoes in your next grocery run! Find more information on U.S. potatoes by visiting their website. Like and follow Potatoes USA-Philippines on Facebook and Instagram for more potato trivia and recipes.


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