Community quarantine started March 15 of last year.  Almost a year has passed and we’re still in General Community Quarantine here in Manila...

Community quarantine started March 15 of last year.  Almost a year has passed and we’re still in General Community Quarantine here in Manila.  I could never forget that day because it’s the day my dad turned 80.  We were supposed to plan a grand milestone birthday party for him where his friends from previous work and his new friends he met in AM radio program gatherings, events, and radio station visits. But because the pandemic happened, we had to strictly follow all health guidelines for everyone’s safety.

The first three to four months was the quietest the country had ever been.  I honestly had fears and even experienced anxiety attacks because I didn’t know what will and may happen.  But slowly, health and safety guidelines were set, implemented, and all we just have to do is simply FOLLOW.

Many lost their jobs, their businesses (both big and small companies), experienced deaths in the family, and even had depression.  But from this same season of our lives, rose many food trends, digital content creation ideas, instant celebrities or influencers, and the most important, are realizations of what are truly essential in our lives. 


Health.  We’ve never paid closer attention to our health until the pandemic began. I realized that it’s true that health is wealth.  I make sure our family’s well-being is prioritized.  Simple handwashing and sanitizing are observed.  We wear masks should there’s a need to go out to run errands.  We do social distancing, and avoid letting my dad and the kids go out.  Health supplements are religiously taken for immunity.

Time.  The world stopped when the outbreak was first heard of and it dawned on all of us when the community quarantine started.  I realized that no matter what we do or how much busy we were before all these happened, we should allot time for our spouses, our children, our friends.  The 4th & Avery piece or your other favorite, that you may flash in your work place is not as essential as the time actual spent hugging, laughing, talking, and comforting loved ones.

Food.  We all went back to the basic necessities especially when it comes to managing finances and expenses.  We all need food.  In fact, there was a rise of food entrepreneurs in the Philippines.  That’s why we are planning to put up ours soon and make sure our kitchen is sanitized and exhausts should be thoroughly clean such as how Express Hoods does it.

WiFi.  Since everyone stays home to protect others, we make use of the internet a lot.  Even schools have shifted to online learning.  People started making accounts on Tiktok or Kumu.  Many of my friends, in fact, my husband most especially, started vlogging.  This pandemic gave rise to digital content creation and consumption as well.  People watch more movies and TV Series on Netflix.  Even kids watch more videos online, whether as a school requirement of entertainment.  And with kdis’ bigger exposure to the web, all the more we should teach them about internet safety.  Parents should know regulate their use, switch accounts or learn about parental controls such as wifi router controls.  You just heard about that parental control momma?  Don’t worry you’re not alone, learn more about it here now.

Faith.  I always say, we have no control over everything that’s happening around us.  But do you know who knows what happened yesterday, happens today, and will happen tomorrow?  GOD.  So if we know this as truth, we will be comforted to know that He alone knows when this pandemic will really end.  But having faith, trust, and total dependence on God Almighty, will actually save us from anxieties, depression, worries, fears. Having a strong faith in God is actually knowing that all these too shall pass. 

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