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When I was younger my plans were far different. Now that I'm a mom with the children's well-being in mind and a wife to a wonderful ...

When I was younger my plans were far different. Now that I'm a mom with the children's well-being in mind and a wife to a wonderful husband who makes things happen and prays unceasingly with me, everything became different, but more beautiful.

It has been years since we drafted these plans, they were even just remainders of the list that we have almost a decade ago. For more than two years ago we managed to take that great leap of faith and decided to purchase a land.  Part of or plans are to homeshool our kids as we move to our new home, get rid of the polluted surroundings, and cramped spaces that cannot let our children freely play and commune with nature.

Fast forward to now, we want to build a tiny yet functional house such as what we watched in a series on Netflix.  In our tiny house, we want to implement zero-waste living or lifestyle and also make it a minimalist home. Tell me that this is far-fetched. I am not even finished with our list of plans yet. But you know what they say with dreams, yes? Be clear about your direction. Write it down and work hard to achieve it.

Wait, are you familiar with a tiny house? 

Here are some photos of the house model we were eyeing for. The only addition we wanted is a garage at the back part and an entrance door from it to the house. We wanted a semi-modern garage. And the excited husband already checked ways to troubleshoot the garage and learn more about it door if ever something happens to it or if needs repair.


My husband wants this lifestyle for us which we both believe can give us opportunity to teach or expose our children to great life skills. Having a rice field just a few steps away from home, could be a great chance for them to witness how rice are planted and how much hard work is put it before it reaches our tables.

He said he wants to teach all the tough stuff to our boys in preparation for their adulthood such as basic car maintenance skills like changing tires, machine and oil tune ups, alignments, and even basics of how to change engines. In fact, I’m interested to learn more about it too!


We also plan to have our own business and when we searched our hearts, we both agreed that it should have something to do with farming or fresh produce.  With this in mind, we want our tiny house to be surrounded wth vegetables and plants following the principles of Syntropic Farming and Agroforestry. 

The only fear I have is my husband’s transition from being employed to self-employed.  We have to be ready to give up many things such as our FREE HMO.  But should this plan come true, in God’s perfect timing, we’ll make sure to give our all.  Plus, we promise to be particular still with occupational safety and might need a tool or company that will help us with employee management, training management, and also process safety management such as what we’ve seen on BasicSafe.

But all of these will be possible n God’s time.   We’re excited to see everything unfold right before our eyes this year, if not, we always have our Plan B which I will write about soon. 

Let's all soar high and don't be afraid to plan and dream. God is there, He is faithful and able.

Your turn, hit me with your big plans for this year.

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