5 Online Games I Play When I Take A Break from Motherhood or Work

I am a full time mom who is also a self-employed professional.  Every day I face my demanding "clients" - my kids or my my laptop....

I am a full time mom who is also a self-employed professional.  Every day I face my demanding "clients" - my kids or my my laptop.  This is a life that I chose and don't get me wrong, I am happy about it.  At least I get to stay at home while being able to take care of my kids.

Working from home can be quite challenging too.  It may be ideal for moms like me, but it can also get really stressful especially when you have to meet deadlines.  But I have to do them anyway.  

Stress can either be good or bad.  Good stress pushes me to do better and work more efficiently.  I believe that any stress can be managed.  When I feel pressured at work, all I have to do is just take a break.  

One of my favorite break past times is playing games online!  What I love about playing games online are:

  • It gets my mind off work.
  • It becomes an effective outlet for stress.
  • It helps me think better.
  • It regains my focus.
  • It's fun.
  • It makes me feel better.
I recently discovered plays.org a gaming website that has hundreds of games for kids and adults alike.  All games are FREE and you can choose from a number of different game categories depending on your preference.  If you're a numbers, letters, patterns, or logic kind of gamer, you'll find something here.  If you're looking for adventure, cooking, or races, you'll find something interesting here too!
There are a some games I found pretty interesting because they are easy to play yet challenging at the same time.  

Sharing the games I play every time I take a good Mommy break from work (and from being a mommy).  I hope you get to try them too!

Candy Fiesta
I liked this game because it's almost a no-brainer relaxing game working with patterns and shapes.  This is best to play when you're really stressing out on something and want to take your mind off from that task.  If you're familiar with and love Candy Crush, then you're going to love this game too!  It's easy, it's entertaining, and it's relaxing!  
How To Play: This is a candy merging 3 in a row game where players get 65 total moves. As players score points they level up, causing the playing field to add rows or columns.

Move a piece with an adjacent piece to create a streak of 3 or more in a row vertically or horizontally.
Create multiple streaks at the same time or streaks longer than 3 to create power ups which can be used subsequently.  Score as many points as you can before you run out of moves.

Frozen Rush
If you love Elsa, Ana, Olaf, and Kristoff then you'll definitely love to play this game too!  My kids and I were hung over "Let It Go" song for years and who isn't?  Frozen has been one of the top movies or characters my kids and I love.  So definitely this game was an instant hit for me!  By its name, Frozen Rush, you'll be taken to a snow-covered up-hills and downhills by foot or on ski.  Each character needs to "rush" and avoid some elements, get some gems, and accomplish identified tasks per level.  the game needs a strategic player to be able to get through the levels and complete each task.  This isn't for the faint-heart.  
How to Play
Use the arrow keys to run and jump across the frozen landscape. Collect crystals and advance through the 12 levels.  Complete the tasks given every start of the level and earn points.

Parking Toy Story: Car Parking Simulator Game
Are you a good driver in real life?  Do you like challenges when it comes to cars, parking, or maneuvering wheels?  Then you'll enjoy this game too as much as I do!  I personally love testing my driving skills or parking skills virtually by playing this type of games.  Whenever I accomplish the tasks per level, I feel so accomplished!  For me, feeling accomplished boosts my confidence or self-esteem and it's what I need when I get back to what I've been working on (prior to playing games).

How To Play: This fun and challenging toy car simulator game with colorful and quirky graphics designed for kids. Players must maneuver the car to collect stars and drive around obstacles safely. Collect 3 stars each level and avoid bumping into all sorts of objects and toys scattered around the floor. Head to the specified parking space to complete a level. Enjoy playing as many levels as you can.

Waffle Word Finder Game
It's a no-brainer why I like this game.  I am a blogger by profession and I words are my lifeblood so to speak..  So this word game is one of my favorites of all time. It's so easy to play, just list all the words you could see at a given time.  Kids and adults will surely like this too. 
How to Play:
Click on a letter tile and drag your mouse or finger along to adjacent tiles which help complete the spelling for unique words.

Pac Rat Game (inspired by Pac-Man)
This game is inspired by Pac-Man, the difference is the one eating the cheese is a rat, hence its game name, Pac-Rat!  It's almost the same as the original game it is inspired from.  The rat's direction is easy to control using the arrow keys on the keyboard.  All you have to do is just avoid the incoming cats, eat the cheese, and get the power cheese so you'll be able to chase the cats and devour them too.  To do this, you have to be strategic on the direction where you are going.  Kids and adults will surely enjoy playing this game too for sure!  

How to Play
Eat all the cheese while avoiding the cats.

What I like about plays.org is that there's a search button at the bottom and game categories are listed too. 
All the games are FREE and can be played on your laptop, your tablet, and your mobile phone.  Plus, I appreciate that there are NO ADS, it simply just wants you to take a break and just play!  I'm sure with the hundreds of games and categories available you'll find games that you'll also love!  Go to plays.org now and try some games that will help relieve stress from your daily chores at home or tasks at work, even if you work from home.  PLAY!  You deserve this break too!

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