My SkinStation Revitalight Experience and Review

I found it mandatory before the start of yet another quarantine in Metro Manila to visit my favorite skin clinic, SkinStation , for my third...

I found it mandatory before the start of yet another quarantine in Metro Manila to visit my favorite skin clinic, SkinStation, for my third Revitalight Facial.  The two-year anxiety-filled community quarantine has been affecting the quality of my facial skin.  It's become a bit dry and dull, fine lines started appearing, and pores are going from almost none to gigantic!

Before the third lockdown, I made sure I get my third laser facial.  But what sets this facial apart from other facials we usually know?  Aha!  Good question.  If you're especially in my age (40s) or even a bit younger maybe around 30s and are experiencing some skin-aging issues, then this is the right facial for you.

Revitalight is a combination of facial, diamond peel and Nd-Yag laser to refresh and rejuvenate dull, dry & tired-looking skin! 

Below are the instant benefits you get from it:

  • Revitalizes instantly to give you younger looking skin
  • Rejuvenates skin from dull to glowing
  • Promotes collagen formation
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Minimizes pore size
Now with all these benefits, who wouldn't want to try this right?  And since this is already my third session, needless to say, I loved every treatment because it gives the results it promises.  Yes, achieve na achieve ang younger-looking skin of Tita Louise!
Every visit is a pleasant one for me.  For someone who had Covid (I'm talking about myself mamas), I am quite anxious going out.  But I feel safe whenever I go to SkinStation GH Connecticut clinic because it's really clean, it strictly follows health protocols, it's scheduling system makes you feel secured that the clinic won't be swamped by customers, and all the attendants are wearing PPEs, masks, and gloves during procedure.

The procedure starts with a facial that aims to clean the face.  Cleaning of the face involves extraction of whiteheads and blackheads.  Pricking is what it's called by others.  This procedure usually makes me cry because it can be painful to be honest.  Gladly, my attendant just got very few blackheads and the whiteheads are concentrated on the sides of my nose.  But still, painful.  

I like the next part so much because it reminds me of little kisses from my kids.  Diamond Peel gives you that feeling of skin being sucked gently by a machine.  It removes dead skin cells, dirt and excess oil on the skin surface. It instantly improves the texture of the skin. 
Lastly, ND-Yag Laser is as its name says, is the laser treatment which penetrates deep into the skin.  This is the one responsible for promotion of collagen formation which then results to younger looking skin and lesser fine lines and wrinkles.  In my experience, there are three intensity levels in this last part of the facial.  In each wave, the strength is adjusted maybe from 1 - 3 levels.   

After the facial, an anti-inflammatory cream will be applied as protection and to manage the discomfort you may or may not feel after the procedure.  Remember not to wash the face or apply anything for 6 hours after the treatment.

My skin felt tighter instantly immediately after the treatment.  It also feels super clean and the heat coming from the laser felt as if it's still being activated deep within.  Here's how I looked immediately after:

After a day, my face looked puffy because of the extraction of the whiteheads and also as a result of the laser treatment targeting the areas it needed to improve.  I had discoloration from old acne scars and also sun spots.  I have fine lines on my forehead and a bit on the sides of my mouth.

The Revitalight Facial is more for long-term effects to be honest.  I've done a number of laser treatments in the past and they all gave me good results as far as anti-aging and rejuvenating dull skin are concerned.  Yes, results are long-term and my friends and even skin specialists would say that my skin looks good for my age.  I started doing laser treatments in my 30s and if you have extra and are big in skincare like me, I recommend you to save up on SkinStation's Revitalight Facial.

After a week, my bare face would show what the facial is all about!  I can dare to go bare because my skin has reduced fine lines, looks tighter, no visible pores, younger-looking, and definitely is glowing.

As mentioned, to be able to see the good results and enjoy the benefits of the facial, it's best to get a package.  I had three sessions of Revitalight and if you follow me on my social media accounts, you would notice how my 40 year old face looks younger that how it's supposed to be.  I am not self-proclaiming ha, my friends and readers comments about how I look younger than my age.

Apart from drinking a lot of water, getting enough sleep, eating healthy foods, managing stress well, and having a skincare routine, I believe it can also be attributed to my laser facials such as this from SkinStation.  

If you're going to start with your anti-aging regimen let's say skincare, start as early as you can.  I started mine in my early 20s.  In your late 20s - 30s, you can have maintenance laser facials to address dullness and aging.  I highly recommend SkinStation's Revitalight Facial.

  • It has no downtimes, meaning you can go on with your activities throughout the day.
  • It's not painful.  Apart from the whiteheads or blackheads extraction, you won't feel any pain even from the ND-Yag Laser.  If it will be your first time, you'll feel more of shock than pain.  For someone with higher tolerance, it can pass as ticklish as the laser passes your face.
  • It's highly effective, especially if you do it regularly.  Intervals of 4 weeks to your next treatment.
  • Result is long-term.  It's like turning back time.
  • It's practical.  SkinStation offers packages or promos if you get it as a bundle.

Book your Revitalight Facial at SkinStation to answer your skin aging concerns.  For more information and details about the facial and other products and services, check their website or follow them on social media Facebook and Instagram.

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