All Around Flush by Clocheflame Available on Shopee!

As a practical momma, I always look for something that is of quality, that's convenient, that's easy to use, multi-functional, and t...

As a practical momma, I always look for something that is of quality, that's convenient, that's easy to use, multi-functional, and that's value for money.  When it comes to an all-around make-up, All Around Flush by Clocheflame hits that practical heart of mine, right in the middle!

Imagine not having to bring a big pouch of make up especially when you go out (on essential trips to the grocery, school, banks, etc) to run errands.  Just bring ONE, and use only ONE to look and feel good!  

Meet the All Around Flush by Clocheflame—NOT just another multi-use product. The AAF has a one of a kind gel-mousse texture that’s formulated like a serum and blends like a dream. Packed with ingredients your skin will thank you for: antioxidant vitamin e, collagen for intense hydration, grape seed oil for a softer touch, mango butter for long lasting smoothness and SPF for extra sun protection. 

The All Around Flush comes in four unique juicy shades that will give you color that glows from within. These shades are not usually seen in the local market, and Clocheflame takes pride in curating something that’s inspired by you and the warmth that you bring for a beauty routine that’s made for you and good to you.

All four shades are also meant to be mixed and matched. Just do whatever suits your mood: a sheer glow or a rich flush – just like watercolor but for your face!

These are the things that actually caught my attention:

  • It's Cruelty-free, formulated without any harmful chemicals like paraben
  • Proudly made in the Philippines.
  • Value for money - for only Php389, you get 10ml tube
  • Practical - each tube per tube that can last up to 6 months OR longer
  • Multi-use - For lips, cheeks, and even eye!  
Purchase the wonderful All Around Flush by Clocheflame here: Clocheflame All Aroundd Flush78349198.7178264706?position=5

A verified buyer once said: "The formula of the AAF! is not comparable to anything, or at least, nothing comes to mind that's similar." 

See it for yourself. Look as good as you feel and feel as good as you look with the All Around Flush. Check their official shop on SHOPEE by visiting:

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