Score exciting deals from Unilever Home Care this 9.9 Super Shopping Day on Shopee!

Admit it, us moms, when it's sale season we are always one of the firsts to check if our essentials are on sale.  The more popular thing...

Admit it, us moms, when it's sale season we are always one of the firsts to check if our essentials are on sale.  The more popular things added by moms to their carts are: diapers, milk, cleaning, and laundry products!  Isn't that accurate?  

Speaking of cleaning, I'm so glad that Unilever Home Care products will be offered in such great deals!  I'm sharing with you my wish list in the upcoming Shopee's 9.9 Super Shopping Day! 

Comfort Fabric Conditioner Glamour Care takes care of your clothes, so they become brighter, softer, and fresher! With breakthrough triple care technology, your clothes will improve its color, retain its shape, and will have long-lasting fragrance. Available in 800ml bottle or 600ml pouch.

Purchase on Shopee HERE: 

Comfort Liquid Detergent Casual  and Glamour Care is a new range of Care Detergents that not only cleans deeply but also fights the five (5) signs of clothes aging. So even after multiple washes, your favorites remain beautiful and you remain confident. Available in Liquid and Powders. Comfort fights the five (5) signs of clothes aging: Color Fading, Roughness, Shape Loss, Bobbling, Yellowness.

Purchase on Shopee HERE:

Domex Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Surface Disinfectant Bleach Lemon Antibacterial 

Domex Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a superior all-around household cleaner that effectively removes tough dirt and stains, disinfects different surfaces, and kills 99.9% of germs.  This Domex product is proven to destroy coronavirus in 60 seconds. With daily use, you can be sure your family is better protected. 

Sunlight Pro Dishwashing Lemon - has a concentrated formula that cleans dishes and utensils effectively by easily cutting through grease and dried-on food and ensuring removal of odors.  It is easy to rinse and gentle on hands.  

Suitable for pre-soaking, washing and effective removal of grease and food residues from tableware, pots, pans and other kitchen utensils. Also suitable for other surfaces such as kitchen and table tops.

This momma right here is excited for Shopee's Super Shopping Day this 9.9!  My OCness and cleaning skills will be put to test once again with Unilever Home Care's awesome products which I will be adding to cart now!  

How about you momma?  What do you usually add to cart during Shopee's SALE?  Comment below! 

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