Chef's Classic's Big Brand Giveaway on Shopee!

Join Shopee's Big Brand Giveaways which is 10 days leading up to October 10 where users can win up to P15,000 worth of exciting prizes f...

Join Shopee's Big Brand Giveaways which is 10 days leading up to October 10 where users can win up to P15,000 worth of exciting prizes from your favorite Mall Brands. Join now: and catch the big brand giveaways from Chef's Classics on October 3!                          

Now this is what I've been waiting for this 10.10's Brand's Festival on Shopee!  Chef Classic is one of the cookware and kitchenware brands that I've been using at home!  I'm so thrilled to know that they're on great deals and they are in fact one of the brands included in the Big Brand Giveaway on Shopee!

Now time to add to cart and upgrade your kitchen with some of Chef Classic's well-loved products!  I'm sharing with you the things I've been eyeing on for some time.

Here's a list of my Chef's Classics Wishlist!

Chef's Classics Lee Plaza 30th Anniversary Non-Stick Frypan, 24cm

Celebrating 30 years of the biggest department store and supermarket in Negros Oriental, Chef's Classics commemorates Lee Plaza's anniversary with a special edition frypan. With a 3-layer teflon non-stick coating, and an ergonomic riveted bakelite handle, you can't go wrong with this induction-friendly frypan. It has a 3-layer Teflon non-stick, an Ergonomic riveted bakelite handles for extra durability and high heat resistance and a Honeycomb design induction bottom.

I personally own a Chef's Classics Non-Stick fry pan and it's been with me for years, it's time to get a new one.  The old has served me very well.  It's indeed durable and definitely a must-have. 

Purchase on Shopee here:'s-Classics-Lee-Plaza-30th-Anniversary-Non-Stick-Frypan-24cm-i.87138170.4292538761?position=6

Chef's Classics Sunflower Stainless Steel Low Casserole, 28cm

I own a Chef's Classics Stainless Steel pot and I tell you, it's really a must have for families who love cooking soup-based viands!  But this casserole, I want to also get, to complete my Sunflower Stainless set.

A good starter set for any kind of modern kitchen, the Sunflower cookware series will provide the right pot or pan for just about any type of dish you have in mind. Made with high-quality stainless steel that is both a pleasure to look at and a breeze to clean. This set is also specially designed to suit a wide variety of cooking techniques, in gas, electric or induction stoves. Each piece boasts of fully welded stainless-steel knobs and handles and a durable three-layer thermic induction bottom.

Purchase on Shopee here:'s-Classics-Sunflower-Stainless-Steel-Low-Casserole-28cm-i.87138170.8869877327?position=7

Chef's Classics Carbon Fiber Non-Stick Saucepot, 24cm

I have a Chef's Classics sauce pot with a long handle.  I need one that I can hold on both sides and this non-stickl saucepot is just perfect!  I love using saucepots for making small serving soups and also gravy for my kids' favorite burger steak or fried chicken.

The Chef's Classics Carbon Fiber series are non-reactive non-stick cookware that marries the benefits of aluminum and non-stick. Cold-forged aluminum cookware finished with a tough, non-stick Greblon coating are some of the finest cookware you'll ever have because the aluminum body absorbs and retains heat well, while the non-stick coating protects it from reacting with acidic food. It is also lightweight and durable, and cooks and cleans with ease. Just stay away from metal utensils and stick to using nylon, silicone, or wood to avoid scratching the non-stick surface. When well taken care of, the Carbon Fiber series will stay with you for years. Slow cook meats, cook bigger batches of soups and stocks, boil water, or deep fry—there's nothing you can't do with a versatile casserole like this! 

Purchase on Shopee here:'s-Classics-Carbon-Fiber-Non-Stick-Saucepot-24cm-i.87138170.10105810127?position=2"

So mamas who love to cook for their families like me, go check out all the other products Chef Classics offers on their Shopee Official Account!  Add to cart this 10.10 Brands Festival to get special discounts and who knows you could be one of the lucky winners of their Big Brand Giveaway!

Happy Shopee-ng!  

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