Get up to 67% Off on Disney Products on Disney's Funtastic Bazaar on Shopee!

I don't know if there's anyone in my generation and their children as well, who didn't grow up with Disney. Because I and my ki...

I don't know if there's anyone in my generation and their children as well, who didn't grow up with Disney. Because I and my kids surely did! From the beloved Mickey Mouse to all the Disney Princesses up to today's generation of Elsa and Ana, we all love Disney!

My kids surely plays Disney movies on repeat ever since they were toddlers, from my now 18 year old to my youngest who's 5year old. That's why you could just imagine how giddy excited they were when they got all the Disney products available on Shopee!

DISNEY FUNTASTIC BAZAAR Get up to 67% off on your favorite Disney products at Disney's Funtastic Bazaar this October 28! If you'd check the other items on Disney, there will be additional sale by the end of the month as well! If your kids love Mickey Mouse, Star Wars, Frozen, and even their art materials, Art Attack, then this is something you wouldn't want to miss!

Here are what's in my cart mama!

Disney Mickey Mouse Kids' Backpack

This one's for all the Mickey Mouse fans out there! Get the Mickey Mouse Backpack at Disney's Funtastic Bazaar! Available in Denim Blue or Red! I love how spacious it is for our kindergartners. My dearest Damien is now going gaga over Mickey Mouse (since then til now!). He carries his Mickey Mouse backpack just about everywhere here in the house. He carries his school stuff, some toys, and hygiene kit as well.

Get it on Shopee here:

Disney Art Attack Artistic Pouch Case

Looking for the all-in coloring art materials? I highly recommend The Disney Art Attact Artistic Pouch Case. This comes with 12 coloring pencils, which is great for your little one's tiny grip. I love how the pencils smoothly glide on coloring pages. It's definitely perfect for your kids' art projects in school or at home. Both my boys are art enthusiasts and they use colored pencils a lot for their drawings. This is their go to colored pencils! I'm so excited to know that they were on sale!

Get it on Shopee here:

Disney Art Attack 6x9 Spiral Sketch Pad 25 Sheets

Of course, my kids has got to have their sketch pads with them everywhere they go. Whenever they're drawing at home or during staycation, they never fail to bring art materials and sketch pads with them. This is a great way to hone their artistic skills and also encourage them to use their imaginations! It's definitely better than keeping them busy with gadgets. I'm so happy that with the Disney Art Attack 6x9 Spiral Sketch Pad, your kids can get creative as they want as it comes with 25 sheets! This Sketch Pad is a perfect pair with the Artistic Pouch Case so check these out now!

Get this on Shopee here:

There are so many more Disney products available on sale for up to 67% on the Disney Funtastic Bazaar on Shopee!  I'm sure you're kids will feel loved too if you gifted them with these items from Disney!  These are also great reward ideas for your kids especially if they've been helping around the house or doing well in school!

Don't forget to add to cart loves!  Enjoy Shopee-ing!

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