5 Ideas for Your Next Christian Music Night

Christian music nights are a great way to ensure that people get to enjoy their night out while still following in line with what their reli...

Christian music nights are a great way to ensure that people get to enjoy their night out while still following in line with what their religion teaches.

If you’re worried about yours feeling stale or out of date, these are the top five options to help you kick it up a notch!

1- Theme The Night Around an Era of Music

If you want to create an unforgettable night, consider theming the night around an era of music.  Christian music has changed a lot in the last hundred years, so pick a period that people can dress up as, like the seventies or fifties, and find performers that can play music to suit that era.  Not only will it be fun for the performers, but also those attending will love the chance to dress up and cut loose for a while.

2- Reach Out to Younger Audiences 

Younger audiences often feel left out in Christian music since a lot of it can feel like it was made for older audiences.  If you want to draw in younger crowds, consider getting musicians who perform things they want to hear.  This could mean Christian rap artists, Christian pop singers, or other musicians with modern sounds with lyrics that remind them of the importance of the church.

3- Develop a Promo Plan to Reach More People

Reaching as many people as possible will give you a higher chance at hopefully finding a broad audience who will be interested in attending your Christian music night!  This could mean advertising thoroughly on social media, or it could be a plan that asks the performers to advertise by offering them a cut of the drinks sold that night on top of their pay. 

4- Put Out Polls to Find What People Are Wanting

Putting out polls to your usuals will help you learn what they're interested in and hopefully gear future nights to offer some of that.  These polls should ask what they like that you've done so far, what they're interested in seeing in the future, and what they think would draw more people into the fold.  You don't have to use every idea they give you, but take them into consideration! 

5- Offer Non-Alcoholic Themed Drinks

Although alcohol can be used as a social lubricant, you may have a far smaller demand for this type of drink at a Christian music night.  Instead, consider offering a wide array of nonalcoholic-themed drinks that are either based on the musical act or on whatever theme you chose for the night!  This can be a great way to sell more drinks while making it a more immersive and fun environment for everyone. 

Your Next Christian Music Night Can be a Hit!

Whether this is your first Christian music night, or you hold one every month: it's important to plan and consider what you can do to boost it!  These five ideas give you the chance to create a night that's magical and interesting while also hopefully drawing more people in, so don't be afraid to try some of them!

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