Meiji Chocolates on Sale at Shopee!

I grew up with a very sweet tooth.  I think I got it from my mother and now my kids got it from me!  One of our favorite chocolate brands is...

I grew up with a very sweet tooth.  I think I got it from my mother and now my kids got it from me!  One of our favorite chocolate brands is Meiji.  My eldest who's now an 18yo young man grew up with Hello Panda!  After coming from work, I would always bring home a pasalubong and he'd always be excited when I bring home a Meiji Hello Panda!

From then until now with my third child, Meiji's been with them.  I'm so excited to share that this holiday season, Meiji brings joy this Christmas with discounts up to 30% off this December 5!

Here's a roundup of what Meiji products we enjoy these days:

Meiji Hello Panda Assorted Box 260g

It's one of the most-loved and best-selling brands of Meiji which was first released in 1979.  This big box contains 4 foil bags of Chocolate Flavor (26g each), 3 foil bags of Strawberry Flavor (26g each), and 3 foil bags of Milk Flavor (26g each).  I always love the surprise of every bite in the middle because the filling is really generous and tasty!  It has a cute panda design on its crunchy shell with a soft flavorful inside, great for snacks!

This size is perfect for sharing among friends with other family members.  I'm sure like us you'll truly enjoy every bite of Meiji's Hello Panda!  

Check out the Meiji Hello Panda Assorted Box 260g on Shopee.


Meiji Almond Black Chocolate 58g (Set of 5)

Also one of Meiji's most-loved, best-selling brands, Meiji Macadamia Black Chocolate is one of my favorite WFH snacks!  It's made from select, high quality, large, and crispy roasted almonds and high quality dark chocolate.  It has a smooth chocolate texture outside with a crunchy nutty core!  Perfect for munching when you're thinking while working before you go nuts!  Hahaha!  

Check out the Meiji Macadamia Black Chocolate 58g (Set of 5) on Shopee.


Meiji Fran Chocolate (Set of 5) 

If you're like me who both like biscuits and chocolate at the same time, try this!  Meiji Fran Chocolate is a box of delicious biscuit sticks dipped in rich chocolate cream.  It's considered as Meiji's premier stick chocolate snack made with premium ingredients.  If you're a fan of Meiji's YanYan, you'd definitely love this too!  These are biscuit sticks which you don't need to dip in chocolate and get messy.  The premium chocolate already covered the biscuit sticks so you get even chocolate every bite.  You and your kids will definitely love this!

Check out the Meiji Fran Chocolate (Set of 5) on Shopee.

This holiday season is a season of giving, merrying, and eating chocolates!  For all your chocolate cravings, Meiji has everything you want to satisfy it!  This is why Meiji made an express delivery option to make sure you get your chocolates as fast as it can!  

Check out Grand Dragon Enterprises on Shopee for your Meiji favorites and other brands that I'm sure you use at home too!  Here's their official shop:  Purchase these for up to 30% off this December 5!  Also,  watch for their 12.12 Big Christmas Sale too because they'll be offering up to 50% off on selected items!

Give in to your chocolate cravings this holidays!  Meiji surely got your back!  And what better way to satisfy your craving is to add to cart right away on Shopee!  Happy Holidays!  Happy Shopee-ing!

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