Importance of #HaplosMommy With IPI Aceite De Manzanilla

This pandemic has brought a lot of anxieties and worries in the family about getting sick.  And why not?  We were all forced abruptly to sta...

This pandemic has brought a lot of anxieties and worries in the family about getting sick.  And why not?  We were all forced abruptly to stay at home and adapt to the new normal.  The kids are the most affected because they had to adapt to the new system of learning.  

The most affected one is my youngest who just entered Kinder or formal schooling last year.  His idea of a physical school and playground is now far-fetched.  He's at an age when he's supposed to socialize and meet other kids plus be involved in physical play. 

This is why I compensate for all their losses by being around my kids all the time, especially the little one.  I become his classmate, his playmate, his customer in his pretend-restaurant and a lot more.  Since he also gets worked up at times, he would always asks for a kiss, a hug, and a relaxing massage at night.

IPI Aceite De Manzanilla

Massages has become our nightly routine.  I believe that a mother's touch never fails to comfort her child.  For our massages, we use IPI Aceite De Manzanilla.  IPI Aceite De Manzanilla emphasizes the power of touch in child development and provides them comfort in different unsure situations.  

IPI Aceite De Manzanilla

Since my eldest was a baby 18 years ago, we've been using IPI Aceite De Manzanilla because it's a trusted brand.  To be honest, we were taught that Aceite De Manzanilla is only used for babies only as an anti-colic regimen.  I only used it for that purpose before, but upon reading further, I found out that IPI Aceite De Manzanilla promotes relief and relaxation to help alleviate child body discomforts such as cough (ubo), cold (sipon), fever (lagnat), and kabag (colic) that are provoked during the tag-lamig season and which are at times a symptom of the virus.

IPI Aceite De Manzanilla
It's safe to use as it’s made of natural ingredients such as Chamomile.  These are the benefits of Chamomile:
  • Chamomile oil is a natural antidepressant, helping babies/ children relax and go to sleep
  • Helps provide relief in child body discomforts such as muscle aches, cough, cold, fever, and colic
Recently, everyone in the family had flu.  My youngest would complain of some body aches here and there.  I can tell his level of discomfort as he would wake up in the middle of the night.  My hug and massages are what comforts him.  We've established this bonding strengthened by the power of touch.  Thanks to IPI Aceite De Manzanilla, my youngest and I are very much connected.

You can apply IPI Aceite De Manzanilla on your baby’s head, chest, stomach, arms and legs in a  Massage motion depending on which discomfort the child is experiencing.
IPI Aceite De Manzanilla

How to use:
1. Place 2-3drops of IPI Aceite De Manzanilla in your palm.  Rub both your hands until it becomes warm.
2. Gently massage it in your child’s area of discomfort like the stomach, chest, head, arms, legs, and feet.

I love that IPI Aceite De Manzanilla is available in three sizes: 25ml,50ml, and 100ml. The smallest one can be included in our travel kit, so we take our massaging just about everywhere!
IPI Aceite De Manzanilla

IPI Aceite De Manzanilla is available in all leading drugstores, pharmacies, supermarkets, groceries, convenience stores, and sari-sari stores nationwide.  It's also on Shopee and Lazada!

So mommies, bust the myth that IPI Aceite De Manzanilla is only for colic and babies.  Learn more from their #AskDocADM series soon on their Facebook Page:

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