German Potato Salad with U.S. Russet Potatoes

Eating healthy is important, especially these days when we need to boost our immunity against sickness.   This is why I make sure to include...

Eating healthy is important, especially these days when we need to boost our immunity against sickness.  This is why I make sure to include vegetables in our daily dishes that the whole family will enjoy eating.  When it comes to veggies that kids surely love, it’s got to be potatoes.  I’ve collected a number of recipes using U.S. potatoes that’s perfect for starters, appetizers, main course, snack, and even as dessert. 

Today, I’m sharing with you my German Potato Salad recipe using U.S. Russet potatoes and other simple ingredients you could find at home.

You might think, why potatoes?  Did you know that potatoes are rich in vitamins and minerals that help keep us stronger and healthier?

Benefits of Potatoes:

        It's an excellent source of vitamin C

        It's a good source of potassium (more than a banana!)

        It's a good source of vitamin B6





        Only 110 calories per serving

I consider potatoes a superfood, they’re great for the body especially these times!  If it says it's an excellent source of Vitamin C, then I'm ALL IN!

German Potato Salad Recipe

German Potato Salad is a tasty and healthy starter or side dish that kids and adults would enjoy at home or during parties.  This recipe is easy to double depending on the number of people you want to serve. 


        2 large U.S. Russet potatoes, peeled and cubed

        1/2 cup mayonnaise

        1 tablespoon mustard

        1 teaspoon honey

        salt and pepper to taste

        1 teaspoon dill or onion leeks (optional)

        2 slices ham or bacon, cooked


  1. Wash, peel and cube the potatoes.
  2. Boil the potatoes for 5 minutes then simmer until tender.
  3. Cook the bacon or ham separately. Then cut in small pieces.
  4. In a large bowl, mix mayonnaise, mustard, and honey. 
  5. Add the potatoes then toss altogether.  Make sure the dressing is just enough to coat the potatoes.
  6. Add the bacon or ham bits, then add salt and pepper to taste.


Serve to your family with a smile and enjoy your meal!

I love this recipe because it does not require a lot of effort to prepare and cook.  Ingredients are simple and easy to find at home.  It's also economical and best of all – healthy!  The whole family loves it and I love that I’m able to serve them nutritious dishes that they truly enjoy.

Try this healthy potato recipe for yourself!  U.S. potato products are available in supermarkets, baking supply stores, and membership shopping outlets nationwide. For more information, visit  or like and follow Potatoes USA-Philippines on Facebook and Instagram.

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