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When in your more mature years, it's a bit challenging to really take care of your skin.  There are always additional steps to do skinca...

When in your more mature years, it's a bit challenging to really take care of your skin.  There are always additional steps to do skincare regimen during day or night.  And there are also extra procedures to be done in one's regular derma visit.

Plus, this time, it's not just the face that should be taken care of, but also the neck!  They said that even if your face still looks younger than your age, the neck will always be a giveaway of a woman's real age.  To combat this or slow down face and neck aging, you need include the neck in your skincare routine.  With the help of some expert beauty tools from CkeyiN, you can achieve a younger looking skin.  Sharing with you some of the skincare routines I've been doing.

Here are some Skincare tips:

  1. Always cleanse the face in the morning at at night thoroughly.  Make sure you use right product for the type of skin you have.  Read labels if it's for normal, sensitive, oily or combination face.  Pat it dry gently.
  2. Always use toner to set the face for the moisturization it needs.  Use a toner that doesn't irritate the skin or leave it with a painful sting.
  3. In the morning, never go out without putting sunscreen.  Make sure you put SPF50 and above when choosing a sunscreen.  This protects your skin from premature or speeding aging.  It also protects your skin from sun damages
  4. Serums are your bestfriends!  Use anti-aging serums that help brighten and hydrate your skin.  This will help reverse or slowdown skin aging and address your fine lines, wrinkles, and even discoloration concerns.
  5. Have your regular facials.  Include diamond peel and even revitalizing laser procedures which addresses saggy skin, discoloration or acne marks, fine lines, saggy skin, and wrinkles too.  You may also avail unwanted hair-removal procedures.
  6. Invest in beauty tools such as Ckeyin's Neck Face Massager and IPL Permanent Hair Removal Device.  This is so helpful especially if you are still cautious about going out and spending your day at the derma or salon to have these procedures done.

Glad that Ckeyin's Neck Face Massager and IPL Permanent Hair Removal Device are both available on Shopee Beauty!  You can even get discounts up to 80% off!

CkeyiN Neck Face Massager

This ultrasonic high-frequency vibration and EMS releases intermittent pulse currents to activate collagen activity, tighten the skin, effectively smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce pigmentation.  Its 45℃ hot compress massage head awakens and relaxes the skin.  This is the exact warm feeling I have when I go to my derma, but I think this one's better because with Ckeyin, I can do this safely at the comforts of my home.  It has 3 modes and 3 levels of intensity. It can also be used on the neck, face, forehead and other parts of the body.  Plus I can bring it with me anywhere and use it anytime too!  Its portable size is perfect for travelling too!

CkeyiN IPL Permanent Hair Removal Device

I've been going to my derma for my underarm hair removal.  But since it's pandemic, I kept on delaying my schedule which I think affects the effectivity of the procedure.  That's my and the virus' fault.  But good thing, Ckeyin has an IPL Permanent Hair Removal Device!  I can now just conveniently do it myself at home!  Plus, it's more practical to have this beauty tool because I don't need to pay an extra for every session or area that I want unwanted hair removed!

Its IPL strong pulse light directly irradiate on hair follicles.  For safety, the device will only flash when the laser head touches the skin.  Its LCD display screen shows the remaining number of flashes.  There are two flash models: Manual and Automatic mode.

With Ckeyin expert beauty tools, I can now say goodbye to wrinkles and unwanted hair!  Check them out on Shopee Beauty to get discounts up to 80% off!

From skincare to makeup, Shopee Beauty has all your needs! Enjoy the most exclusive deals up to 90% off, new launches, and exciting offers from your most-loved brands and free shipping with a minimum spend of ₱499!

Can't wait to take these home?  Here's where you may directly purchase them:

Happy Beauty SHOPEE-ng!  Stay fab loves! :)

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