Catch Shopee-exclusive deals during the Unilab Super Brand Day!

My most trusted brand of medicines, vitamins, and supplements is having its Super Brand Day today, August 24, on Shopee!  Para I can say goo...

My most trusted brand of medicines, vitamins, and supplements is having its Super Brand Day today, August 24, on Shopee!  Para I can say goodbye sa sakit ng ulo and lagnat.  This rainy season, getting colds, cough, and even fever is quite rampant.  Sometimes, no matter how we take our daily vitamins and supplements, we still get sick.  It partly must be the weather, but stress, lack of sleep, and poor diet can also lead to lower immunity.  

Thanks to Unilab, I can say goodbye sa sakit ng ulo at lagnat! We all can even stay energized and healthy when we catch Shopee-exclusive deals on Biogesic, Neozep, up to 50% off on select Enervon, and other Unilab products on the Unilab Super Brand Day on Shopee.

Even if we're not sick at home, there's no harm in making sure my medicine cabinet is stocked with the essentials my family needs in case we get feverish, catch a cold or cough, or experience headaches.

Here are my go to meds from Unilab which I've added to cart and of course checked out as well!

1. Biogesic 20 Tablets 500mg Paracetamol (For Headache And Fever Relief):

Biogesic is the most used and most trusted oral medicine for headache and fever relief. It contains 500mg of paracetamol, an analgesic-antipyretic which can be taken on an empty stomach and can be taken by pregnant women, breastfeeding moms, the elderly. It's the safest medicine anyone could take.  My doctor and even elder relatives would only recommend Biogesic.  I personally experience almost instant relief from tension headache and it acts fast in arresting my fever.  

Purchase from Shopee here:

2. Buy 1 Enervon Tab 30s + FREE TRIAL Enervon Sugar Free 30s: 

For immunity and energy, we take Enervon tablet daily.  It contains Vitamin C for more immunity and Vitamin B for more energy. It can be used as a nutritional supplement to enhance the immune system and promote increased energy.  Especially these days, ang hirap magkasakit right?  Prevention is definitely better than cure.  Now that we're almost back to normal even if the invisible enemy is still around, it's best that we protect ourselves from getting sick easily.  Take Enervon na rin!  Also try the Enervon Sugar Free tablets!

Purchase from Shopee here:

3. Rainy Day Essentials 1: Biogesic 20s + Neozep 10s: 

Sometimes we really get down during the bed weather or rainy days right?  Uso pa naman ang mga typhoons sa mga panahong ito.  But, don't let the weather weigh you down! I only rely on Biogesic and Neozep to keep me from getting down during the rainy days.  We all know that Biogesic is the most used and trusted oral medicine that readily provides for headache and fever relief while Neozep is the leading cold medicine that provides fast and complete relief from cold and its symptoms. On the onset of fever and colds plus its symptoms, I take this powerful combo for quick relief.

Purchase from Shopee here:

I super love finding all my needs in my favorite, and I'm sure yours too, e-commerce site, Shopee!  I've compared prices, and definitely, I find items in Shopee less expensive.  I love that all my purchases are value for money kasi I get rewards pa!  Tip ko to also check your vouchers tab to see if you can get additional discounts or shopbacks and FREE shipping too!  When you also use ShopeePay, you can also get additional discounts.  Pwede rin ang buy now pay later with SPayLater!  Make sure lang to pay your dues on time ha!

Mommies, take advantage na of Unilab's Super Brand Day today on Shopee!  Add to cart and check out these products!  Stock up on your rainy days essentials!  Say goodbye to sakit ng ulo and lagnat na!  I wish you good health and wealth na rin always!

Happy Shopee-ing!

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