YORI partners with KonMari certified expert Tin Dychiao and Hatch + Hoolman for its first ever workshop

YORI, an easy flatpack furniture brand designed for self-starters, held its first ever YORI Workshop in celebration of Mother’s Day 2023. Fe...

YORI, an easy flatpack furniture brand designed for self-starters, held its first ever YORI Workshop in celebration of Mother’s Day 2023. Featuring Christine Dychiao, the Philippines’ first certified Konmari consultant, this invite-only event, held at Hatch + Hoolman in Taguig, was a thank you to all the moms who make sure our lives are in order. 

The KonMari Method, developed by Marie Kondo, gained widespread popularity for its emphasis on keeping items that spark joy. With Marie Kondo having recently shared that she’s going through the mess and disorder of parenthood herself, Tin Dychiao reminded everyone that Marie Kondo’s switch in priorities isn’t an abandonment of her methods but a stage that every Mom, at one point, needs to embrace in life.

It’s all about indulging in what makes us happy but making sure not to stress with the disorder that comes after. At the YORI Workshop, Tin Dychiao guided all the guests through the principles of the KonMari method and included hands-on activities and interactive discussions. At the heart of her method is a deep respect for the things we own, and most especially, the people we share our lives with.
About YORI Everyone goes through new starts in life–from starting a family to starting a new hobby, to starting a new career, to building your forever home. And they can be overwhelming. That’s why we created YORI, an easy flatpack furniture designed to make life easy for self-starters like you. YORI is the type of furniture that will be with you through all of your life’s pursuits. After all, it’s our pursuits that make life fun. 

Easy to love. We want YORI to provide a sense of comfort when you come home. That’s why each piece is designed using timeless aesthetics and functional features made for any space.  Easy to build. Life may throws us some curveballs, but YORI will be your constant source of ease. Our flatplack furniture is as easy to assemble as it is to take apart so you can take it with you on all your new starts.  Easy to own. You shouldn’t have to compromise anything for your forever home. YORI pieces are made from durable materials, are accessibly prices, and available to you nationwide.  

YORI is available online and in all SM Department Stores.  YORI has a clearance sale up to 30% off happening on April 27, 2023 to June 4, 2023 at all SM Department Stores and Shop SM.  Check their product catalog here: https://linktr.ee/yori.diy

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