Enjoy these Breezy Weekend Activities with Your Kids

Kids nowadays are mostly engrossed with different types of gadgets as their way of having fun. But from time to time, it’s best for parents ...

Kids nowadays are mostly engrossed with different types of gadgets as their way of having fun. But from time to time, it’s best for parents to let them pursue other pursuits, such as playing outdoors and being one with nature, which helps their physical and mental growth. 

If you’re wondering what activities you could do with your children, we’ve rounded up some tried-and-true outdoor adventures which will surely have them enjoy a breezy day of fun ahead!

A good mix of loved ones, laughter, and engaging activity is hard to beat. Gather the kids, escape the house, and try one of these bonding activities that can be done with your kids.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Having a plan can be helpful when you take your child outside to play. A scavenger hunt is a perfect engaging activity that teaches kids to use their senses in new ways and keeps them mindfully occupied. This is something you can do outside your home or in nearby parks. Incorporate what your kids are interested in, such as characters from their favorite tv series, to keep them hooked. Ensure your kids’ safety by checking around the vicinity and playing only in places that are well-kept, clean and fenced-in. Don’t forget to take extra precautions and use safety equipment such as helmets and protective gear.


This activity doesn’t require a big garden for you to make it happen. Give your kid an easy introduction to nature by getting them involved in gardening from a young age. They’ll be physically and mentally exhausted in a healthy way, thanks to the meditative nature of this activity. While it's fun to get your hands dirty from time to time, remember to practice garden safety and proper hygiene, like washing your hands thoroughly after gardening even when wearing gloves.

Backyard Obstacle Course

For this, you can use any number of materials, such as foam blocks or stepping stones, but you can even create an obstacle course using only objects you find in nature but ensure that it will not cause a risk of falling or tripping. In either case, the result is enjoyment while developing important gross motor skills.

Bike Ride Around the Neighborhood

A classic bike ride is the perfect outdoor activity for families to enjoy together. Even younger kids, with supervision from their parents or guardian, may join in on the fun, whether you're taking them on the trails at a local park, exploring and admiring the houses in your neighborhood, or traveling just down the street. Keep in mind to wear biking safety gear, and parents should always look after their kids. Familiarize and follow road safety rules to ensure an enjoyable and safe ride.


Shopping at a Farmer’s Market

Before going to the farmer's market, ask your kids what they want for your home-cooked meals and create your shopping list. Involving kids in shared household tasks is a great way to bond and introduce basic helpful tasks to them. Get the kids immersed in picking out fruits and vegetables to make it an exciting and engaging activity. Let them explore as much as possible to learn new things along the way.

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