Tipco 100% Juices by Del Monte

Muthers, I have a confession to make!  I have been gaining weight these past few months and I do feel bad about it.  Partly it's because I have been choosing the not-so-good meals, during weekdays when at work.  Stress is one of the culprits to my excess eating.  So now Daddy Practicality and I are choosing healthier food and drinks.  We sometimes choose brown rice over white, eat vegetables and fruits and at times consciously choose chicken and fish over pork.

But the kids could sometimes be challenging diba to make them eat fruits and vegetables.  Buti na lang, I discovered Tipco 100% Juices by Del Monte.  Actually, I've been hearing raves about Tipco from mom friends and mommy bloggers too since before and I get so curious most especially about their Broccoli and Aloe Vera variants.

One afternoon, I saw this on our dining table:
Thank you Del Monte for sending my these Tipco 100% Juices!
Yup!  All variants of the Tipco 100% Juices by Del Monte!  I got so excited to try each flavor right away.  My kids indulged in drinking the Orange Medley that instant.

The following day, on our breakfast table was this:
Tipco 100% Juices by Del Monte
On our breakfast table, Tipco 100% Juices by Del Monte
Almost emptied cartons of Red Grape and Mixed Veggies.  The kids loved them!  Surprisingly, the Mixed Vegetables variant was far from tasting like carrots.  Also, the Broccoli juice, mapapa-"Say What?" ka talaga.  But believe me, all the variants are sweet and refreshing to the taste!  I particularly loved the Red Grape and Pomegranate.  All Tipco 100% Juices by Del Monte are really 100% Natureal and has:

  • No Sugar Added
  • No Artificial Flavor Added
  • No Colorants Added
  • No Preservatives

About Tipco 100% Juices by Del Monte

Del Monte Philippines, Inc. strengthens its position as the leader in high quality juices with its recent partnership with Tipco F&B Co., Ltd, market leader of Ready-to-Drink Juice in Thailand. Introducing Tipco 100% Juices by Del Monte, a range of refreshing 100% fruit and vegetable juices in convenient multi-serve cartons. With this strategic partnership, Del Monte Philippines, Inc. is able to expand beyond its flagship pineapple juice variant to a wider variety of 100% juices.
Tipco 100% Juices by Del Monte
Eight refreshing flavors of Tipco 100% Juices by Del Monte
Wake up to a rainbow of healthy flavors with 8 delicious and nutritious 100% juices. There is no better way to start your day. Enjoy your breakfast with any of these refreshing flavors: Broccoli, Aloe Vera, Mixed Veggie, Orange Medley, Cranberry, Red Grape, Pomegranate and Cherry Berry.

So muthers, we do want to live longer for our kids diba?  Let's choose healthier food and drinks. Let's choose natural versus artificial.  Look for Tipco 100% Juices by Del Monte in major supermarkets near you.

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