My Sons' Happy Birthday Celebrations

Hello my dears!  This is such a long overdue blog post from me.  September went by so quickly!  Why?  It's a month filled with happiness...

Hello my dears!  This is such a long overdue blog post from me.  September went by so quickly!  Why?  It's a month filled with happiness and celebrations in the family.  September is the birthday month of my two sons, Dandre, who just turned ten, and my toddler Wes, now three years old.

Because it's both their natal month, we decided to celebrate it at Boracay.  It was a perfect family getaway because Daddy Practicality and I both filed our mandatory leave two weeks ago and my tweener's field trip was also scheduled during our weekday trip to our vacation destination.  I couldn't express how happy that family trip made us.  That's why I recommend, if you could save up a bit for a vacation, do so!  It will create wonderful childhood memories for your children and also it's a great honeymoon-like-bonding time for you and hubby.

Dandre Turns 10
Let me tell you a funny story about my 10-year old son.  He shocked me a little when the night before his birthday, he told me that he announced in his class that he will be treating them for lunch for his birthday.

Me: What?  Baket mo sinabi yun anak?  Diba, we're going to Boracay na nga to celebrate it and we're just going to have dinner at home? 
D: Oh!  I thought po kasi, that's the reason why you filed for leave on my birthday.  I thought you will all go to my school and celebrate it with my classmates 
Me: Moment of silence.   Moment of Budget 101.  Moment of nga-nga.  Moment of pagkahabag.  Zzzzz...

Of course ayoko naman siyang mapahiya sa classmates niya.  Good thing, I saved some extra, but just enough to feed around 30 persons (including his teachers na yan!)  Whew!  So the following day, ayun, aligaga to go to his school early to get a permit slip to deliver Jollibee meals in his class.

He was really happy and there's noting more peaceful in a mother's heart than to know that you have happy child, endlessly thanking you for making him feel that way. :)  At home I cooked his favorite spaghetti and fried chicken and bought cake from Goldilocks.

Wes Turns Three
I just noticed, that I wasn't as emotional with Wes turning three, as I was when my Dandre turned three seven years ago.  I think it's because I know better with my second child that no matter how I wish they won't grow up that fast, we cannot stop it eh!

Wes turned three last September 18 while we were at Boracay.  It was a fun-filled day for us.  That was the day I scheduled our island hopping activity.

I bought a cake at our hotel's bakeshop and brought it with us during the boat ride to the first island we went to, Ilig-Iligan Island.  The candles were bought at Puregold in Manila for less than P30.00!  We had dinner that day at D' Talipapa for delicious fresh seafood!  It was a great day indeed!

That weekend, we had family and friends over the house to celebrate his birthday.  Since I am a self-confessed Eats-Better-Than-Cook kind of a mom, CCME Homemade Foodstuff was a lifesaver.  We ordered a food package two days ahead for 25-30 people.  The six courses package only cost us P3,565.00 (with delivery charge already.)  The Fiesta Filipino package had the following courses: Kalderetang Baka, Lechon Kawali, Rellenong Bangus, Pinaupong Manok Sa Asin, Laing Bicol and Adobong Manok at Baboy.  No sweat, less hassle of going to the market to buy ingredients, chop and cook all of them, and no haggardo versoza face when greeting guests.  
Because I save a lot of time, I DIY the house decors including the balloons.   We bought cake from Goldilocks this time and as a treat to the children, I filled a big bowl with cookies, mallows, chocolates and gummy candies!  

When you think of birthday parties, other than cake, you think of Ice Cream to right?  I am blessed to receive an Ice Cream Party Package from Nestle Ice Cream  It's got our favorites, Kimy, ice cream cups in Mango, Chocolate and Ube, and Twin Pops!  It was a blockbuster during the party for kids and kids-at-heart

We know that even years from now, our kids will always remember good memories from the Boracay trip.  After all, that's what really matters right?  Living the NOW and creating unforgettable events in our children's lives.  So when they get older and have their own families, they will also pass on the unconditional love we have for them to their own kids.

Our wishes for the boys would be that they would grow up to be responsible, honorable, respectable, successful, and God-fearing gentlemen.  We love you both Dandre and Wes!  

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  1. Wow.. I will take note of that CCME homemade food stuff ,not that expensive huh...Thnx Mommy.

  2. Happy birthdays! I agree that we should save time and money for a family trip that can add up bonding moments to their memory bank.=)


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