Yes, I am anticipating a new addition to the family, my second son.  For the 9 months that he's inside me, dancing, circling, cartwheel...

Yes, I am anticipating a new addition to the family, my second son.  For the 9 months that he's inside me, dancing, circling, cartwheeling and swimming, it's about time that I see him.  You may ask any mom and they would tell the same, that the waiting period, which is usually the last week or the week of the due date, is an agony.  You tend to ask repeatedly, "When will we finally see you baby?"  or "How do you look like?" or "Do you have my eyes and my dimples?"  Although you may know that you will just get the answers when he's out, still you wonder all the time.
39 weeks belly

I recently went to my OB and was told that the dilation from last week didn't progress, instead, it closed up.  Can you imagine how frustrating that could be not only to me, who is expecting to be admitted that day, but to my OB as well.  She asked me to take an earlier leave from the office, which I truthfully wanted to disobey, for the reason that she was also expecting delivery last week.  Unfortunately, the 2 day leave didn't help, rather it relaxed me and the baby that resulted to counter dilation. 


Because the baby is not yet coming soon, I was painstakingly asked to start dieting.  My eldest, Dandre, was 9.2lbs when he came out through normal delivery.  My OB told me in a straight-no non-sense-threatening-tone, that this one is catching up.  With that, the usual stubborn expecting mother that I am decided to follow this time.  Flashback to 8 months ago, she told me this "I don't really advice my patients to avoid any kind of food."  With that, I really didn't deprive myself from chocolates, cakes, frappes, and pizzas.  Don't fret, I take those in moderation or only when available, I do not really crave for them.  Although throughout my pregnancy I eat these food, which are normally asked to be avoided, I am one of the lucky few who didn't blow out of bodily proportion.  This morning, I just had bread and sausages.  For lunch, a home-made Caesar Salad.  In the coming days, I should strictly observe my food intake and make sure I avoid those sweets.  Oh cheesecakes, chocolate mousse, Estrel's caramel cake, mocha frap.. until we meet again.  For now, I should content myself with this kind of meal:

my very own Caesar Salad

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