Steak Escape at Grills and Sizzles Steak House

Early this week, hubby and I celebrated his birthday.  I got up early to hang the H-A-P-P-Y  B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y signage, wrapped his gifts and ...

Early this week, hubby and I celebrated his birthday.  I got up early to hang the H-A-P-P-Y  B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y signage, wrapped his gifts and wrote a love letter on a cute greeting card.  He woke up to all these surprise elements plus me singing the birthday song. The gifts cracked him with laughter!  Why? He thought the giftwrapped toolbox was a box of shoes. I got a little creative.  He told me before of his child dream to become a carpenter.  So I bought him a toolbox, a saw and construction gloves.  I really wanted to make him laugh, I'm so proud because my punchline was a hit!

We decided to go out on a simple lunch and movie date, just like young sweethearts.  He loves steaks so we decided to head over Grills and Sizzles in Quezon City.  We've tried a number of steak restaurants already and we wanted to find out how this compares with the others.

Grills and Sizzles Steak House is tucked in the corner of the quiet streets of Times and Examiner in Quezon City.  It's a small and humbly designed place that gives an inviting welcome to its customers.  The restaurant uses warm lighting to add to its friendly appeal and ambiance.
Arts and Crafts corner for kids.  On display are  their Father's Day activities.
Staff were quick to greet you with a smile, escort you to the available table, seat you comfortably, take orders and serve food with glee.  While waiting for our food I noticed a special arts and crafts corner for kids which still displayed their Father's Day drawings adorably.  

Five minutes after ordering, our bowl of creamy corn soup came. While finishing it, I took notice of the informative placemat  containing a complete guide to eating steaks.
Creamy Corn Soup
Steak Appreciation 101 Placemat
Reading the placemat took my attention away from waiting and didn't realize time passed by until our T-Bone and Porterhouse Steak orders arrived on a sizzling plate which came with a cup of rice, a generous serving of mixed veggies and a cup of flavorful gravy.
T-Bone Steak (medium done) priced at Php385.00
Single Tenderloin Steak (well-done) priced at Php269.00
A versatile menu is what Grills and Sizzles offer.  You can come anytime of the day and the restaurant has something special for you.  They have a little bit of everything from salad, chicken, fish or seafood, pork, steaks, pasta, merienda, desserts and sidings, to a variety of beverages.
Other Specials:
  • Daily Breakfast with Juice (6:30am - 10:30 am) - P159.00
  • Daily Steak and Paella Dinner Buffet (6:00 PM - 10:00 pm) - P359 on weeknights and P398 on weekends
  • Group meals for 4 ranging from P900 to P1,100 only.
  • Steak Sauce choices: Gravy, Ala Pobre, Barbeque and Brandy Peppercorn
  • Accepts parties, food orders and off-premise catering
For someone who loves eating steaks, from Excellent to Fail, Grills and Sizzles passes with a Very Good overall rating.  Though the corn soup wasn't extraordinary, its creamy consistency still made it better than a regular clear soup.  Plus, it warms and readies any hungry stomach.  The tenderness of the meat was done according to our preference.  They smothered the steak with sauce of our choice which added zest to it.  Mixed veggies served abundantly, balanced the taste palette.  I could't say much about their bottomless iced tea, it's just worth it especially for a thirsty customer like me (had 4 glassful servings.)  With their quick service, no waiting time was wasted.

There is something about the place that charms and entertains its diners.  Its location is perfect for people who want a more private and quiet place to dine.  This restaurant is visited by fairly known personalities and professionals.  I've been here thrice and in all times, we dined with lawyers with their politician clients and socialites.  

Grills and Sizzles Steak House is worth your special trip (no direct thoroughfare for commuters | for car-owners, be ready for the U-Turn slots).  I'm now adding it to our favorite steak house list. =)

Grills and Sizzles Steak House is located at:
#57 Examiner corner Times Street,
West Triangle, Quezon City
(02) 410.5345 (02) 925.8453 (02) 938.1156

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