World Of Fun (WOF) One Saturday Afternoon

Weekend, who doesn't love it!  Working mothers like me, look forward to this every week! :)  It's the time I get to spend uninterru...

Weekend, who doesn't love it!  Working mothers like me, look forward to this every week! :)  It's the time I get to spend uninterrupted days with the family!  Family activities are aplenty, from a grand out of the country or out of town trip (if budget permits) or it could be as simple as going to the mall for kiddie activities or just staying at home to play.

Yesterday, my kids and I (hubby was on duty) went to the mall.  We looked for a play house for the little one and an inflatable play area for kuya.  Unfortunately, only kuya's inflatable was available so we decided to go to World Of Fun instead.

We only spent P250.00 for an hour and a half of play time.  Token price is P5.00 each.  They offer Token Value Special where you get free tokens if you buy in bulk. 

Their favorite game machines were those that gave out tickets so it can be exchanged for goodies (toys, candies, etc.) afterwards.

My almost two-year old son had fun in the bowling game, "Family Bowl 2." With just a token, he could roll the mini-bowling ball for 10 times.

His other fancy was the "Slam-A-Winner."  For every token he inserts, he gets a chance to press the big button where a bouncy ball falls and makes it way to one of the holes with corresponding number of tickets the player may get.  This was where he got a lot of tickets and finished all his tokens. 
Kuya went to the car racing games, the toy crane machines and Tekken.  All of which didn't give out tickets.  To help them get tickets, I also took chance on one of those piso-machines, "Jungle Jive."  
An hour and a half passed and I collected more smiles and laughter from my kids than the 346 tickets we ended up with.  We exchanged the tickets right away with goodies.  Instead of small toys, they chose marshmallows as their prizes.
The time spent at WOF alone was precious. Other than this, our Saturday was spent eating breakfast at Jollibee, had a little shopping as their rewards for being good boys and again, dinner at their favorite, oh yes, Jollibee.

Whether you go out or just stay home, as long as they feel your attention is focused on them, that's what matters.

Until our next adventure! :)

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