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When I was younger, immature and a little self-centered, I found comfort inscribing my personal and innermost thoughts and feelings to...

When I was younger, immature and a little self-centered, I found comfort inscribing my personal and innermost thoughts and feelings to the World Wide Web through blogging.  It served as my e-diary which included a pinch of vanity entries and love poems.  That was in 2005 during Friendster hay days.

After seven years and two children, I had an awakening.  I felt I have a  purpose to share, help and touch lives even in the smallest way I possibly can.  For this reason, Mommy Practicality was born.  This is actually a revamp of a previously self-named site.  Officially, Mommy Practicality is 3 weeks old which technically qualifies me as a newbie.  I am in the learning curve again - establishing, researching, writing and networking simultaneously.

Thank heaven I stumbled upon BC Bloggers community through MommyDiary , who welcomes bloggers with open arms and hoping it will make my blog-start-over easier.  Its mission is to create a circle of bloggers supporting every member by linking each blog in their own respective sites.  This way, one "doesn’t have to beg for a link back" and wait in vain until that happens.  

If you are either a newbie like me or an old-timer with no bloggers association yet, I recommend that you join this helpful community.

Join in 5 easy steps:
  1. Visit MommyDiary's blog site.
  2. Subscribe by typing your email address.
  3. Check your email to confirm your subscription then create your profile.
  4. You will receive a welcome email with instructions how to get started.
  5. Blog about BC Bloggers and encourage others to subscribe too.  Don’t forget to tag BC Bloggers on Facebook and Twitter .

I am as excited as a child opening her first gift on her birthday.  Thanks BC Bloggers for this wonderful opportunity to share and connect with other bloggers like me!  I wish you more success!

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