How to Organize a Successful Children's Birthday Party

Majority of mothers become excited when any one of their children's birthday is coming up, specifically those turning 1 year and 7 ye...

Majority of mothers become excited when any one of their children's birthday is coming up, specifically those turning 1 year and 7 years old.  In the Philippines, those ages mentioned are the more celebrated birthdays of the family.  Next to that would be 18 years old, for girls, and 21 years old for young men.

I am one of those thrilled mothers who skips a heartbeat when party planning is concerned.  Let me share with you my party organization list which will help you get through.

How to Organize a Successful Birthday Party
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  • Pick a Date and Time -You are lucky if your child's actual birthday falls on a weekend.  If not, pick a date that's closest to your child's birth date.  Weekend is when most of your attendees may be available to attend.  Picking a time depends on what you want to serve your guests.  It could be lunch time or afternoon snack.  The former may be more expensive  than the latter though.
  • Set a Budget Discuss financial matters with your husband.  It's important that you set a budget that is comfortable for you and make sure you stick to it.  Remember you can be creative and resourceful in making your child's birthday special without spending too much. 
  • Choose a Venue - To save rental fees, you may hold the party at the comfort of your home.  You may also opt to scout for popular fast food chains that offer complete party packages to help you have a worry-free party.  If you are in the Philippines the popular venues are: Jollibee, McDonald's, KFC, Shakey's Pizza, Pizza Hut or Max's Fried Chicken.  If you live in a subdivision with an available function hall/ multi-purpose hall/clubhouse, you may take advantage of that.  They offer discounts or free use of the venue for residents.  
  • Select Food - Remember, one of the most important elements in a party is F-O-O-D!  Food choices depend on the time of your party.  Make sure your guests would be satisfied with what you serve.  It would help if you ask yourself if you are to attend your own party, will you be happy with the food served?  Another saving tip, you may separate food menu for kids and adults.
  • List down Invitees - If you have a set budget, listing down all your invitees will help you stick to it.  Knowing how many you are expecting helps you count how many plates or meals to serve. Knowing how many kids will be present will help you prepare just enough loot bags or goodies you wish to give-away.  This way, you will not over-spend. 
  • Choose a Theme - Who or what  is your child's favorite character? Where is his/her dream vacation? The beach? The fairy land? The jungle?  What is your child's hobby, talent or sport?  It's his/her day, having a theme for a party makes it more exciting.  You may ask your guests to come in costumes too!
  • Send out Invitations- It is recommended that you plan ahead of time.  If your invitations are not yet ready a "Save-The-Date" notification through call, text, Facebook or Twitter message or through email will do.  This will help ensure your guests' attendance.  Busy people will appreciate this and will block their calendar just for your child's party.  As soon as the invitations are ready, send it at least 2 weeks or a month in advance.  Don't forget to include a map how to get to the venue and contact number for the R.S.V.P. 
How to Organize a Successful Birthday Party
Ben 10 themed chocolate fondant cake made by  Delishaes Cakes
  • Themed Cake - What is a party without a cake?  Blowing the birthday candle/s while guests are singing the Happy Birthday song is the highlight of the party.  You could buy celebration cakes from 2 giant bakeshops or order online or from friends who bake themed cakes.  You may opt for cupcakes towers too which could double as your souvenir item.
  • Decorations - Some fast food chains offering party packages already include the decors.  If you're doing it at home or in a subdivision's function hall, you might need some help from suppliers with that.  If you are saving, you could do it yourself or ask help from your family and friends.  Here are some decor ideas you may put in your party venue: balloons, birthday banners or backdrops, buntings and cloth drapers are few.  
How to Organize a Successful Birthday Party
Balloon pillars and cake arc by  SID's Party Favors 
  • Appoint a Photographer/Videographer - If you are on a tight budget, you may ask a family member or photography enthusiast friend to cover your party.  If you have set aside some budget for a photo or video services, you may ask for friends' referral or search on line.
  • Write a Party Program - If you want a personalized program, you may write your own, involving your family and friends to maybe say the opening prayer or ask younger kids in the family to render a song or dance number or an adult to help host the party.  If you choose a fast food chain as a venue for your kid's party, they have a ready program you could use and a skilled party host to go with it.  A simple program would go like this: Registration, Opening Remarks/Prayer, Games1, Eating Time, Mascot Appearance (if available) or Song/Dance number, Happy Birthday Song and birthday candle blowing, Loot bags give-away and Thank you Message.
  • Prepare Game Prizes and Loot bags - Every kid attendee to your child's party looks forward to game prizes and goodies to bring home.  Some party providers already include those in their packages.  If you have an extra budget, it won't hurt to add game prizes for more winners, kids and adults alike.  It's also a treat for your attendees to take home extra candies and toys from your loot bags as well!

My last tip to a successful party is to Have FUN!  It's a special day, a moment to celebrate a blessing, your child's birthday!  Forget the worries, let go and have fun!  Any party is a live show.  As they put it, anything could happen in a live show.  If something unexpected or unplanned happens, then that's what makes your party all the more memorable and special!

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  4. When my kid was little, there were no organizers then, so I really was hands-on for his yearly party and my staff were so good at making all the trimmings and giveaways plus the other balloons and stuff we ask someone else to do for us! He always had a themed cake and for most of the growing years, i had a good friend who was Wilton trained who made great and gigantic cakes for him. We always had games and prizes for everyone. Many kids looked forward to his parties. We stopped with the games after Grade 6!

    1. That's really cool, making everything on your own. I love organizing any party especially my children's parties. :)


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