DIY Greek Goddess Costume Accessories

Halloween events have started as early as last weekend.  My kids and I will be joining at least two of the Halloween events I listed on my p...

Halloween events have started as early as last weekend.  My kids and I will be joining at least two of the Halloween events I listed on my previous post.  Being the practical mommy that I am, we did not buy new costumes this year.  My eldest will re-use his prince costume, which I bought for a school program he joined last year.  My youngest who is a growing toddler will be using an Aladdin costume lent to him by his godparent.  To match my kids' royal-themed costumes, I decided to be a Greek Goddess (if you consider that grand and royal.)

Because we have a lot of other expenses, I just pulled the resources existing at home and just created the look.  Here are my costume models: 

Image from

I have an existing white long skirt, a white sleeveless blouse hidden in the closet, and a gold chain belt which I will use as the costume's base look.  As a sash or drape, an unused blue cloth I found in mom's drawer will soon have its purpose.  Now, here's how I made the headdress, arm cuffs, and ring to complete the entire Greek Goddess look.

STEP 1: I took one of our Christmas Tree decor, a gold Poinsettia, a black garter kept in our rustic sewing box, a black thread and a needle for sewing the materials together.

STEP 2: I dismantled the leaves and cut each one from its stem.

STEP 3: The garter was measured to my head's circumference, just enough not to create marks on my forehead when worn. Garter ends were sewn.

STEP 4: The leaves were sewn to the garter.  Number of leaves depend on the garter's measurement.  Mine took six leaves to complete the headdress.

STEP 5: I repeated the same process for my arm band.  I also made a ring out of the Poinsettia decor's centerpiece.  Below are my DIY Greek Goddess costume accessories: headdress, armband and ring.

All it took were some skill in sewing, a dash of creativity and a solid practical objective for doing this project.  Here is the headdress finished product.

I will create another post on the complete look of my Halloween Greek Goddess costume and the events that my kids and I will participate it.  How about you?  How are you doing with your Halloween preparations?

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  1. OMG! I am so glad I got to visit this blog just in time for this post. You just solved my Halloween costume woes. Thank you!

  2. Cheap and easy to make.
    Great ideas especially as Halloween is approaching

  3. How creative of you to come up with your own Halloween costumes! I don't really participate in trick or treat. But I am amazed at some very creative souls who really work hard for their costumes :)

  4. HI Rose! I'm glad to be of help one way or another. It's no-cost no brainer costume for us adults! :)

  5. Thanks dear Farida. :) For the love of it. :) I'd rather spend on my kids' toys than my costume. :) Nice seeing you again! :)

  6. you are an ingenious!
    i'm dying to see your creation...

  7. am looking forward for your next post..:) you're really creative and practical, visiting from ComEx Oct 23

  8. Very creative! Galing mo sis. Visiting from CommEx 10/23.

  9. Very practical indeed. Can't wait to see the final product when you wear your costume.

  10. Wow. I love DIYs too... My daughter will be a bumble bee come Oct 28, like you we didn't buy any costume for her, luckily she had this costume since she was 6 months old :)

  11. Thank you Reese! :) It's not so much of a creation, just pieces from my closet =P

  12. What is it they say? Moms are experts in DIYs. LOL This is a good one! :)

  13. You are so creative! I look forward to seeing your full greek goddess outfit :)

  14. I wish I can do that, im not so crafty. It would be nicebeing able to do your own costumes.

  15. hmm.. if ever i'll be attending a halloween party, i will be greek goddess and will follow your steps in your DIY :) it's so nice and easy!

  16. Can't wait to see how your whole costume turns out to be. The head wear stunning!!

  17. Thanks Gven! I'd rather spend for the kids kasi. :)

  18. Thanks Jhari! All of us moms could actually think creatively when needed! :)

  19. That's true Gerilen! That's my inspiration too! :)

  20. We can all be.. we just have to dig deep. hehe!

  21. Head dress pa lang ang ganda na so I'm sure the whole ensemble would be totally grand as well. Can't wait to see it along with the kiddies' costumes. :-)

  22. Yipee! I am more excited with the kids' royal costumes! :) Will post it after the Halloween events we'll be attending. :) Thank you Michelle! :)


  23. Headwear
    looks pretty. It is very creative, grownup
    children can do it by themselves. Make greek-costumes for Halloween in your own way and making accessories out of things that are lying
    at home is a great idea. Thanks for the tips.


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