Our 2012 Halloween Trick or Treat Events

When you were still as young as your children, I am pretty sure you didn't experience the excitement of today's Halloween Trick or ...

When you were still as young as your children, I am pretty sure you didn't experience the excitement of today's Halloween Trick or Treat.  Well, that's what my childhood was like, no Trick or Treat and no costume parties.  Today, any child (even child-at-heart) would get electrified when October sets in because it's the time of the year when new costumes in fresh packages are displayed at department stores.  Another thing to get excited about are pails of candies our children will surely be taking home from any one of the Trick or Treat events they will attend to.

This year, my children attended three Halloween Trick or Treat events: Goldilocks, SMART and Fun Ranch.
Goldilocks Whimsical Halloween Party
The Goldilocks Whimsical Halloween Party was an exclusive blogger event.  It was where I wore my no cost DIY Greek Goddess costume.  This event was special to me because it was my first invite as a blogger, I know I've said that in my previous post already, I'm still elated by the fact that I'm a certified blogger, another title I can attach to my name.  Here's a round up of what happened in the party:
Decorate Your Cake Activity
Games for Kids
Best in DYC and Best In Costume Awarding
Goldilocks Loots
My kids had enjoyed the Goldilocks Whimsical Halloween Party because it was loaded with goodies from one of our favorite bakeshops, Goldilocks.  It was where my children dressed up as member of the royalty, one as prince and the other as Aladdin.  I had to look equally royal so I dressed up as a Greek Goddess.   

SMART's Trick or Treat
Every year, SMART prepares for Halloween Trick or Treat event for their employees' children.  Employees even have their yearly floor decoration contest.  This year's theme was "Dare To Scare" (not so child-friendly theme) but nevertheless, every floor/department took part in this event.  Creative minds and crafty hands were unleashed to make the Halloween Trick or Treat one of the most celebrated, most felt and most memorable company events.  Sharing with you our scary and dreamy experience at SMART:
Tik-Tik (The Aswang Chronicles) Themed Floor (1st Prize in Floor Decoration)
Tik-Tik (The Aswang Chronicles) Actors
Dream Land/Katy Perry MTV Themed Floor
Trick or Treat
My children had so much fun going around isles of at least six floors we visited.  If we were not rushing we would have went to each of the 18- 20 floors for trick or treating.  But even if we only visited six floors, my children took home two bags of treats and a great Halloween scare and amazement experience.

Fun Ranch's BOO Time 2012 Trick or Treat
This is our first time to attend Fun Ranch's Halloween event in its Ortigas branch.  Only 200 pre-registered kids were able to experience all the fun and treats from different sponsors.  When Fun Ranch opened their pre-registration, I was luckily online so I registered my kids and my nephews right away, only 8 tickets shy of its registration closing.  Here are the highlights of our attendance:
Trick or Treating from different event sponsors
Raffle, Won P500 worth of GC from DentPhix Clinics
Coloring Activity by Faber-Castell
Magic Show
After the Trick or Treat Program, we still stayed a little to enjoy Fun Ranch's rides.  Even after a tiring day, my children still didn't rest on our way home because they were too excited to sort out all the treats they collected for the day.  It was indeed a HAPPY Halloween for us again this year!  Before I end this, here's a photo of half of the treats they got:
Halloween TREATS, no Tricks! :)
How about you, how was your Halloween?

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  1. busyng busy si mommy sa mga events ah. but i don't usually attend these kinds of parties but who wouldn't love getting free candies and loot bags? haha.

  2. I love trick or treatin'... I used to join in those yearly... well until I got married.

    My hubby isn't into it and now our daughter is also super scared of those in costumes.

    Hopefully they'll outgrow the hate hahaha...


  3. My sons attended two Halloween parties. The first one is in our village and the other one is in Mc Donald's Katipunan. The boys have so much fun.

  4. This sure looks like FUN! :) My boys have outgrown these though. :( So no costumes and trick o treating for us. LOL

  5. Halloween is a time for our kids to enjoy dressing up and getting treats! :) Im glad your boys had so much fun as well! :)

  6. Yes mommy.. had to be bibo mommy for the kids! :) Anything for them. hehe1

  7. Farida Jane TiongsonNovember 2, 2012 at 9:04 PM

    Congrats! The costume you made was worth the effort. I think I would also enjoy the cake decorating if I was there :)

  8. Looks so fun! Especially the cake decorating activity. :D

  9. Thanks! We all had so much fun! Nice seeing you again Farida!


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