4 Things To Do With All That Halloween Candies

Halloween Trick or Treat is over , now what to do with all that Halloween Candies? This is a question I've mastered to answer as year...

Halloween Trick or Treat is over, now what to do with all that Halloween Candies? This is a question I've mastered to answer as years of Halloween Trick or Treat go by.  Each year, we get more than four-pails-full of treats in just one day of Trick or Treat. Now here are some ideas which might help you decide what to do with these treats, unless you plan to eat all of them, then good for you, you won't have worries what to do.

Step 1: SORT. 
Sorting the treats is the very first thing that I do when we arrive home.  Sorting is good so you can identify which ones could be eaten by your older or younger children.  By sorting the treats, you also discard right away those which are already opened or those that don't look safe to eat.  I sort the treats into seven catergories.
  • Hard Candies - I only let my older child eat hard candies moderately provided he drinks plenty of water, eats it after main meals and brushes his teeth right after.
  • Soft Candies and Marshmallows - This category could be eaten by older and younger children again moderately.
  • Jellies - This could be shared by both the older and younger children.  For the younger one, I make sure the jellies are spoon fed to avoid choking.  The jellies are slippery, if eaten without supervision, it could go straight down their throats and cause choking.
  • Chocolates - I only let my older child eat chocolates but constantly remind him to drink plenty of water, brush his teeth afterwards and eat moderately.  Too much chocolates could cause acidity, hyperactivity and Tonsillitis or sore throat.
  • Biscuits - Both my older and younger children eat biscuits.  These are always safe to eat.
  • Beverages - Some establishments or sponsors give out drinks.  Make sure you check the expiry dates to avoid upset stomachs.
  • Non-Food - Anything that are non-edible or non-food is separated from the rest.  These could be pens, vitamins/medicines, stickers, toys, and a lot more.
Step 2: STORE.
Now that you've sorted the treats, you would know better which are those that should be refrigerated and which could be placed in containers and stored at cupboards in room temperature.  I usually refrigerate chocolates, jellies and beverages and leave the other treats in separate containers.
Step 3: SHARE.
If your children have more than enough treats, this is a perfect time to teach them more about sharing.  Sharing treats to other children like cousins or neighbors who weren't able to join any trick or treat feels really good.  To share is to care!  You not only did yourself and your kids a favor (by not eating too much sweets) you were also able to make other children happy. :)

Step 4: SAVOR.
Lastly, savor the treats, but again moderately.  It is what the treats are for right?  To be savored, to be enjoyed by (you and) your  children.  Constantly remind the children to eat these sweet treats after a full meal, to drink plenty of water and to brush their teeth afterwards.

Hope you had a Happy Halloween!

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  1. they really need to drink lots of water and brush or else the dentist will grin! :P lol

  2. yes. moderately! it can ruin our beautiful teeth if we ate too much of it :)

  3. Happy Halloween! I hope you guys back home enjoyed trick or treating :) Visiting from CommEx 10/30.

  4. We did the same thing. :) Sorted them out and gave out all the hard candies and some of the chocos to neighborhood kids. The rest we stored and will be rationed out until they're all consumed. I think they have enough candies to last a month.

  5. Michelle Villarta-CabanasNovember 4, 2012 at 12:34 PM

    Alas! There's no more candies for us to save and store since there's nothing left to do so. Those are practical and useful tips. :-)

  6. We didn't have the chance to join Trick or Treating this year... Sana may mag-share. Haha.

  7. I'm sure your friendly neighbor or your kids' cousins have a lot to share! :) Kung malapit ka lang, nabigyan din kita! :)

  8. Tayong mga mommies may special powers to do the same thing even without talking. :)

  9. Nice trip. Sayang we're not able to join in any trick or treat..:(

  10. Great tip! we also do the sorting things even when it's not Holloween. hahaha!

  11. oh, you have lots of candies! I miss those days when we go for trick or treat... my kids don't like it anymore now that they're older :-(

  12. Hi Pearl! Yup we did. What age are your kids at already?

  13. Aww.. there's always next time. Thanks for stopping by January! :)

  14. Cool! I will try your tips next year's Halloween :)

  15. That's a lot of candies. I am not really a fan of candies, so I'm glad we don't have to do that. Plus our house has a lot of ants.

  16. Yes same here, I'm not a candy-person, more of a choco-person! :) But yeah ants do party a lot when they sense some sweet stuff in the house. :) Thanks for the visit Cym!


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