My Birthday Celebration with Shakey's Monster Meal Deal

Ah November, here you are!  You came too fast from last year.  Because November is my birthday month, I've been reminiscing over the pas...

Ah November, here you are!  You came too fast from last year.  Because November is my birthday month, I've been reminiscing over the past year, my blessings, my accomplishments, my failures (just so I could focus on how to correct them and make it better) and my life in all its aspects: family, friends, career, including this blog.

To celebrate my birthday with my family and closest friends, is more than enough (although an out-of-town or an out-of-the-country trip would be nice too.)  Just to share, here was how I celebrated my birthday last year:

A Shakey's Monster Meal Deal Celebration with the Family

I love the feel of dining in at any Shakey's Pizza restaurant because it feels so familiar and it greets us always with a warm welcome.  Staff is efficient and always smiling.   It's a family pizza parlor that makes any family member, young or old, feel comfortable.  That's why for lunch last year, I decided to have it at Shakey's.  Because I really love their Monster Meal Deal as I've written in my previous post, we ordered the same.  Monster Meal Deal is good for 10-12 persons, it's very filling, it's value for money and it's very practical.

For Shakey's Monster Meal Deal, here's what you get for only P 2,199.00 (dine-in price only).  
* To stay updated on Shakey's promos and meal prices, visit their website or follow them on Twitter

That's me, a PIZZA LOVER!
3 Pitchers of Coke Products, 2 Large Pizzas (Pepperoni and Manager's Choice)
Chick n' Chips Party Pack
2 Platters of Pasta: Spaghetti Supreme and Carbonara Supreme
Because it was my birthday, I got a FREE Raspberry Sherbet!

A Post-Celebration with Friends 
Through the years, these bunch of people are just there for me, in ups and most especially in downs.  I love them.  I don't need a hundred unconcerned people, just a handful of sincere and trust-worthy people would do! :)

Counting the Blessings and Birthday Plans

Recalling what has happened in a years' time, I consider myself very blessed.  It's been said that to appreciate more how fortunate you are, you must count your blessings.  Forgive me for counting some:

  • My entry for Anvil Awards won and I was awarded early this year.
  • I successfully launched 3 promo tie-ups and a lot other projects for the company.
  • I started a Mommy blog in July and so far it's doing great!  I love writing and sharing.
  • Hubby and I celebrated our anniversary.
  • My entry for the Philippine Quill Awards won an award recently (could not disclose yet)
  • Band gigs keep coming at least twice a month.
  • Our house renovation was completed mid this year.
  • I finally got a personal life insurance and investment policy.
  • And so on and so forth...
In the coming days, I will be celebrating my birthday again with my family and dear closest friends.  Hubby asks every now and then what I want to do on that day.  I don't have an exact answer.  All I know is I am on a birthday leave from work, that I intend to have a blog giveaway as my way of thanks to my readers, followers and supporters and to spend a simple day with them and some friends.

To all November birthday celebrators, CHEERS to us!  Have a fruitful one!

Care to suggest what I should do to celebrate my big day?

Disclaimer: Post is not sponsored by Shakey's Philippines. Reviews are my own and lunch cost was paid  by yours truly.

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  1. i love shakeys too but not when i have their pizza delivered. monster deal is also our first choice when we go out and celebrate with the kids or just have a dine-out with the family. nagutom tuloy ako sa post mo :D

  2. Sounds like a good deal. Happy birthday in advance!

  3. Wow, shakeys is the place... love the pizza.. happy bday sis... This place is very memorable to me.. This is where I had meeting with all my wedding coordinators before my big day..

  4. I also love the Monster Deal, I've opted for it a few times to feed my team. hehe :) Advanced happy birthday and may you have many many more blessings this year! :)

  5. Wow! Nice nice memories! :) Thanks for the early greeting Anygen! :)

  6. Thank you so much Vera for your wishes! I wish the same to you and your family, birthday or not! :)

  7. Happy birthday to you in advance. I wish you a more fruitful year ahead :)

  8. Thanks for sharing sis. Happy birthday!! maybe I'll just do this for my birthday next month as well.

  9. advance happy birthday to you, I'll be turning 34 in few months and I plan to celebrate it with a blast this time, I hope my finances permits me to do so...visiting from ComEx Nov6

  10. I love Shakey's too. Their Monster Deal is so sulit :)

    Mommy Maye

  11. happy b-day ms. louise
    i love shakey's pizza!

  12. Thank you Gven for the advance greeting! It could be as grand or as simple as you want as long as it's a happy celebration with the people you love!

  13. Yes! Count your blessings always dear Ditas! :)

  14. Very sumptuous for 2K plus meal :)
    You've won so many awards, congratulations!
    And I sincerely hope that you'll have a great day on your special day!

  15. Thank you so much Mylene! :) Have a good day!

  16. maybe next year we will try monster deal too.

  17. Uyy, November girl din ako! Cheers to us!

  18. Am I too late to greet you "Happy Birthday?" I hope not. And even if it was I know there will be more to come. Suggestion. Since your world is getting bigger everyday I hope you can have a small party for bloggers. You can have a contest like writing a blog on a given topic or asking them to choose which post of yours is their favorite and why. At any rate contest or no contest, I know you will have a great birthday.

    Hope to meet you soon !

  19. No not yet, my birthday will be next week! Thank you so much for your wonderful suggestion. I really plan to give something out on my birthday month. I'm still working on it Sarah. Thanks for visiting and for your insightful message! Take care always dear!

  20. Khimbyrlee EerlrybmihkNovember 10, 2012 at 9:54 PM

    Advance happy birthday. :D

    Congratulations on your achievement in life. Hope someday I will be able to get it. :D


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