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Are you as adventurous as I am when it comes to food?  Do you love beef, onions, tomato and garlic sauce?      I do!  I do!  One of my top ...

Are you as adventurous as I am when it comes to food?  Do you love beef, onions, tomato and garlic sauce?      I do!  I do!  One of my top 3 favorite dishes of all time is Mediterranean cuisine, that's why I frequent World Class Persian Kabab in E. Rodriguez Ave. corner Tomas Morato Street, Quezon City.

World Class Persian Kabab Exterior

My love story with Persian Kabab and Shawarma began a long time ago before World Class Persian Kabab opened for business.  Back in 1994 to 2000 (I know that's a long time ago, stop calculating my age. lol), I frequent Cafe Mediterranean in Greenbelt for their Gyros and Mister Kabab for their Shawarma and Keema.  Soon, this dish became very popular some more years after that.  Too popular that Shawarma stands were sprouting almost everywhere.  

Today, only a few Mediterranean restaurants still stand strong (Cafe Mediterranean, Mister Kabab and Behrouz) and one relatively new compared to other establishments which I've come to love is, World Class Persian Kabab .

What made World Class Persian Kabab to my shortlist of Mediterranean favorite hangouts and its difference from the other established Mediterranean restaurants are the following:
  1. Flavorful Yogurt Garlic Sauce- Compared to other Persian or Mediterranean restaurants, their garlic sauce is rich, tasty and definitely to go "unli" for!.  The sauce is a make or break of a Kabab or Shawarma.  Their sauce passed my sauce standards!
  2. Basmati Rice and Jasmine Rice - They are the first to serve different variants of rice with their dishes.  You may choose between Bismati Rice (long and thin rice grains) or Jasmine Rice (shorter, aromatic, moist and sticky)
  3. Big Serving - You will be surprised that an order for one may be shared by two!  Their serving of my favorite Chelo Kabab is a hefty one, so you better be starving before heading over to World Class Persian Kabab restaurant.  
  4. Affordable Price - Their menu is practically a value for money! Price is reasonable because its serving size and taste factor are worth it!
  5. Open 24 hours - You can satisfy your Kabab cravings even in the middle of the night because they are open anytime of the day or night!  
Though their interiors may not look as classy as its name, I guarantee that their savory food upstages their lack in this area.   Proof of this is that their little restaurant is always packed with people dining in then coming out with a smile on their faces and satisfied tummies.  
World Class Persian Kabab Interior
Simple and quiet interior of World Class Persian Kabab
Uniform wooden tables in all branches
Here are my staples which I recommend you order when you dine in here:
World Class Persian Kabab's Chelo Kabab
Special Chelo Kabab - Beef Tenderloin, Beef Kabab, Grilled Tomato and Onion,
and Buttered Basmati Rice
World Class Persian Kabab's Ripe Mango Shake
Ripe Mango Shake
You may also choose from their chicken, beef, lamb, fish varieties.  
Here's World Class Persian Kabab's menu:

World Class Persian Kabab Menu

World Class Persian Kabab  is located at 
#1 E. Rodriguez Avenue (Corner  Tomas Morato Avenue), Quezon City, Metro Manila
They Deliver! Call 02 497-6273

Other Branches: Santolan Ave. Ortigas
Madison Square Pioneer St. Mandaluyong City
Quezon Ave. QC
West Ave., QC


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  1. i was only able to try the one in west ave... is it the same? or diff kebab restos yung 2? :-)

  2. We've dine in na in a Kebab Restaurant but not in this place. Sa Burgos Circle in BGC. Kahit rice + sauce nila, unting meat, okay na sa akin. Haha!

  3. I think I have visited that place before with my officemates about 5 years ago. :)

  4. I love beef and unions.. the foods looks yummy...

  5. The food looks good! I like spicy

  6. i have seen the place in T. Morato. Unfortunately, I have not tried them. Maybe, if we pass by again, it will be on list.

  7. I have tried it here :) Good spicy food talaga :)

  8. We only ate here once and we didn't like it. Maybe it deserves another try. this is very near where i live :) Mister Kabab, on the other hand, we love it there! :)


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