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Today Mommy Practicality brings you, Practical Dressing.  I've always believed that dressing up and prettifying yourself, even if you...

Today Mommy Practicality brings you, Practical Dressing.  I've always believed that dressing up and prettifying yourself, even if you're already a mom, is still a must.  Fashion isn't about going with what's trendy and branded, but being able to put pieces together that brings out the best in yourself.

Fashion doesn't have to be expensive.  I've always believed in fashion for less.  Here's my first post on Practical Mommy Dressing.

Top: Gap Overruns Orange Cardigan- from Bazaar
Grey knitted Top - from Bazaar
Pants - Zara (gift)
Shoes - Korean Brand from Bazaar
Bag - Hong Kong Brand from Bazaar
Necklace - (gift)
Watch - Casio Retro Watch


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  1. Louise, you're so beautiful you'd look good on ANYTHING! Naku, I should schedule a shopping trip with you so you could give me a fashion makeover. I feel soooo losyang already. :P

    1. That's very very flattering! Thanks Olga.. nahiya naman tuloy ako. waah!

  2. Looking good! Love your shoes, especially. :) I agree, moms and wives should always make themselves look good.

    1. Thanks Meikah! I love your armcandy shots on IG too! :) We have something in common there! :)

  3. great outfit.. been eyeing for a cardigan for few months now but could not find something that fit me good.. I like the cardigan

  4. I love the shoes! Nice ensemble. :-)

  5. agree, fashion doesn't have to be expensive
    i so like your shoes and bag, so modish

    1. Thanks Reese! :) Practicality is priority when you become a mom. :)

  6. Matchy-matchy with the animal prints. Ganda naman. :D

  7. Looks like a great OOTD for a practical mom's outfit! It's nice to inject some color into our outfits, no? :-)

    1. Yes Cym! I used to do just black and grey ensemble because they are safe. :)

  8. I love your shoes kaso lang flats forever ako. Haha... You know for someone who is working inside a feedmill, closed flat shoes is a must. Hehe.. I also love you orange cardigan.

  9. You looks so beautiful in your orange outfit Mommy. :) I love the shoes too!

  10. I love your shoes!!! I would love to do OOTD posts, too, but I'm afraid my clothes are too bland. I barely wear anything colorful!


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