Practical Fashion: Star Rockin'

How was your Tuesday?  Mine was stressful because of yaya issues.  I was supposed to go to work early today, hence I dressed up.  But to my...

How was your Tuesday?  Mine was stressful because of yaya issues.  I was supposed to go to work early today, hence I dressed up.  But to my dismay, my youngest's new yaya was a bit of pain in the *tooot* saying that she's leaving tomorrow whether she has a replacement or not.  I decided to stay home, fearing that she might do something terrible while I'm gone.  I wanted her to leave right that very instant, but I took a deep breath and stayed on the dining table, contemplated and tempered the tigress in me.  Anyway, this issue was settled at the end of the day with hubby.  Thank God!

In other news (segue kung segue), I felt like being a Rock Star for the day when I was picking clothes to wear in the morning.  I'm not the type who plans what to wear by the way.  I dress up based on my mood.  I woke up feeling like a band singer going to a concert, so here was the result.

Star Rockin' Practical Fashion Guide
Hubby took these photos and was game for a little photo shoot.

Star scarf, retro sunglasses and Long Champ bag.

Even this little cute guy over here posed with Mommy wearing mommy's sunnies.  Look at his smile!  He's really up for it.  There were several more photos of him by my side but most of it were blurred because he was moving all the time and wanted to take a look at the photos right after they were taken. :)

A tight shot on black and white.

Wore my mom's sunglasses (circa 1970's I think) and co-owned (hubby's) white  Casio G-Shock 

A weaved bangle I bought at Landmark two years ago.

I love wearing big watches.  That's why what's hubby's is mine too! :)

Top - GAP White Shirt overruns sale from Xavier's Christmas bazaar (3 for 100!!!!)
Grey Pinstriped Pants - Landmark
Star Scarf - Baguio City's Wagwagan (bought for P10.00 only!)
Retro Sunnies - Mom's (authentic 70's piece)
Watch - Casio G-Shock (Hubby's eerrr.. co-owned =P )
Bangle - from Landmark 
Bag - Long Champ (got from an office mate at a discounted price because 
I helped her sell 4 more, AND in installment term)


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  1. Love your scarf and yes, LC is loved. I have 3 (adik much) hehehe! But it's because it's very durable + a lot of things to put it. I'm using my bag as a diaper bag at the same time. It's much easier for me to bring a big bag rather than 2 kasi.

  2. Cool, mommy! Good riddance to your yaya, by the way and before she leaves, check her bag. Baka biglang makuha rocker shades mo! :) Pero seryoso, I used to do this when I had yaya issues too. One took stapler, paper clips, pen, sharpener. ok lang, pinabayaan ko. Baka like nya maging secretary, not yaya haha

  3. your baby is feeling the vibe of a rockstar too. so cute!

  4. Truly, you don't have to buy expensive stuff to be fashionable...sometimes, nasa nagdadala yan and you were able to pull of a great look! :-) Lol! Natawa naman ako sa comment ni Marie.

  5. Great pictures.. love the outfit you work..real rockstar!!

  6. You look great sis! Rocker na rocker nga. Naku cguro pag sa akin nangyari yang yaya issue na yan, sinigawan ko na talaga hehehe.. Buti na lang I have a reliable yaya and reliable helper din. mag pinsan lang sila kc.. hehe

  7. You have the K to be fashionable! I really am not fashionable... I am so "classical" lang!

  8. I like you bangles... look so interesting!

  9. I like the Black and White photo, pwede pang profile picture. :) The whole get-up really looks good on you!

  10. I love the sunnies and your hair is so gorgeous too! Nice look!

  11. I love the shades. I think I would need a new one na as summer is just around the corner. Great look, tigress rockstar.


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