What To Expect from HEAT Restaurant Buffet at EDSA Shangri-La

Tweet Last Valentine's Day, hubby and I were blessed to celebrate it at EDSA Shangri-La's HEAT Restaurant for FREE!  I won ...

Last Valentine's Day, hubby and I were blessed to celebrate it at EDSA Shangri-La's HEAT Restaurant for FREE!  I won two (2) Lunch or Dinner Buffet gift certificates from our company's internal contest last Christmas.  It's just timely to use them last Valentine's Day.

Luxury Gift Certificate for two (2 )Dinner Buffet 

But first, my non-RED-Valentiney-Feel-OOTD:
Mustard symmetrical dress - Online Store
Black Belt - Divisoria
Camel pumps - tyangge
Bag- Tommy Hilfiger
Watch - Casio
Count on me when dining out buffet style, but not dinner.  I originally wanted to celebrate it over lunch because traffic is lesser and I could stay up to three (3) hours trying each and every entree, small portions of course.  But hubby wasn't available that afternoon so we settled for dinner.

Dining Experience.
HEAT Restaurant means: Healthy, Eating, Amazing, Taste (as per EDSA Shangri-La's FB page info).  They boast of a resort-like dine area with 13 open-theater kitchen stations.  They cook a la minute so food is freshly prepared and hot.  Their dining area seats 426 people with two outdoor patios and four private rooms.

Rock star hubby and me at HEAT Restaurant

Each table has this place mat and cutlery set
Spacious dining area for that ultimate buffet experience

Their 13 open theater kitchen stations have dedicated chefs who cook food professionally.  Whenever I hear theater, orchestrated is the next thing I think of.  It felt like that when I visited each station.

Drooling already?  Now let me take you through the kitchen stations from where I took small portions of food to satisfy our hungry tummies that night.

Cheese, Breads and Cold Cuts
Choose from a selection of mild-to-strong kinds of cheese and hand-made bread.  Some breads are diet-specific having gluten-free loaves if you prefer the healthy selection
Different cheeses and nuts to choose from
Choose from mild to strong cheese

Bread Party!

Salad Bar
Start your buffet light by having the freshest greens, select vegetables, legumes and root crops.  Choose from different dressings such as Thousand Island, Caesar and Balsamic Vinegar to name a few.  Caesar salad is particularly my favorite, I could sit all day and eat just that!  
Bowl of fresh greens and other veggies

Seafood Showcase
If you're a seafood lover and not allergic to them of course, you will be very happy to find lobsters, oysters and other seasonal shellfish, shrimp and mussels on this station.  You may request for it to be grilled or cooked your preferred way.  I got half of the grilled lobster and it was superb! 
Oysters anyone?
Yummy lobsters!

Sushi and Sashimi Station
I'm not a fan of California Maki and other sushi, so this station is the last visited for the photo op only.  But if you'd see below, the sushi bar is almost empty!  They must be a top favorite of the buffet diners.
An almost empty sushi and sashimi bar

Noodle/Soup Station
I love soups and salads and I'm glad HEAT has a kitchen station dedicated for noodles and soups.  Choose from flat, egg, or vermicelli noodles.  Mix it with vegetables, make Seafood Laksa, Wonton Noodle Soup, all with either chicken or beef broth.
Choice of noodles and broth at this station

Filipino Food Station
Who could resist Lechon and other Filipino dishes like Roast Pork or famously known as Lechon and other grilled meat?  I'm a self-confessed Filipino dish monster eater.  I got half-a-plate of lechon but shared it with hubby.  other Filipino favorites are also available like Kare-Kare, Adobo and Laing.
Inihaw/Grilled meat and seafood
Roast Pork - Lechon 

Pasta, Pizza and Omelette
HEAT's pizza is basically, tomato and mozzarella cheese topped with either meat (ham, salami), tuna, and vegetables (anchovies, pepperoni, artichoke, olives mushrooms, bell pepper, onions and chilli).  Nachos are also available with dressing, ground beef and fresh tomatoes.
Nachos and Pizza

Western - Mediterranean and Indian Food
I'm actually a fan of Mediterranean food but wasn't able to get some on my plate.  One station is dedicated for it and Indian Food as well.  Selections include the following: King Prawn Curry, Butter Chicken, Lamb dishes, and Basmati Rice.  
Indian Food - Curry and Beryani Rice

Carving - prime cuts of Beef or Lamb
We've come to my favorite station, Carving kitchen with serves prime cuts of beef or lamb cooked to your preference.  I like mine well-done because I'm scared of raw foods which explains why I'm not much of a sushi/Japanese food fan.  Your prime cuts may come with your choice of sauce, soup or the Yorkshire pudding 
Prime Beef, my favorite!  Well-done please?
Your carved meat may be paired with pudding

Asian Wok and BBQ
Do you have a love affair with Dim Sum and Tempura?  You will find it here!  My favorites are shrimp tempura, hakaw, siomai and siopao!  Roast Duck and Wonton are also available in this station.
The Asian/Wok Station

Dim Sum Heaven

Ice Cream, Fruit and Native Sweets Station
Hurray for desserts!  I'm a sweet tooth and each time I'm having buffet, dessert is one I wouldn't skip.  Select from a range of toppings you could sprinkle on your ice cream like candy sprinkles, nuts, marshmallows and choco chips.
You can find seasonal fruits on one side and the cute pot of taho with syrup and "sago" or pearls.  Bibingka is also available on the other side of the station.
Choose from 6 flavors or all!
The Famous Taho also available at HEAT
Fresh Seasonal Fruites
Bibingka and other Filipino desserts

Dessert Bar
Be at awe with the vast selection of pastries, cakes, truffles, candies, pies, tarts and HEAT's giant chocolate fountain!  Dip marshmallows, fruits, cookies to your choice of chocolate.  Fruit crepes are also available in the dessert bar.  I had my serving of some pastries and mallows with chocolates to put a sweet end to my buffet experience.
Pastries Galore
This giant choco fountain is a stealer! YUM!
More cake slices for you
Fruit crepe station

The Review:
Food.  You will not be disappointed with the choices of international dishes at HEAT.  Since they have an open kitchen, you are assured that their food are made from the freshest ingredients.  Each dish we savored were flavorful.  The only downside was, drinks do not come with the buffet price.  You have to pay Php200.00 additional.

Service. Their staff of waiters is enough to look after every corner of their dining area.  They are quick to reply to your needs.  They even anticipate what you may need such as extra or new set of cutlery.  They also refill your glasses with water almost automatically.  They even look after your belongings when you're roaming the buffet stations.  Their waiters and receptionists are professional and helpful
Cleanliness.  You would rarely see uncleared table after guests leave.  Tables were set as soon as we arrived.

Price and Overall Experience.  Don't expect that a breakfast, lunch or dinner buffet in a restaurant inside a 5-star hotel will come inexpensive.  You pay the price for the quality and freshness of the food cooked by chefs in their respective theater kitchen or stations.  You pay for the classy ambiance, the premium service and the over-all VIP experience.  I'm just so lucky that I was able to get free gift certificates, but if not, I would settle for a lesser priced buffet restaurants that offer the same international dish selections, even more, than HEAT Restaurant.  But don't get me wrong.  Overall, it was an experience hubby and I truly won't forget.  We loved the food and we were happy about the service.  Will I come back?  Why not?

Super full and happy dating couple, hubby and I

For more information about HEAT by EDSA Shangri-La Hotel:
Call: Phone (02) 633 8888
Email: restaurantrsvns.esl@shangri-la.com
Check their website, like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter

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  1. those Christmas contest prizes were awesome. How I wish I will win this year's party.. Your hubby really looks like a rockstar. :)


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