Practical Fashion: Flirty Floral

Tweet How's your week so far loves?  Mine has been pretty hectic and erratic!  I had a lot going on at work.  I've been integr...

How's your week so far loves?  Mine has been pretty hectic and erratic!  I had a lot going on at work.  I've been integrating communication plans here and there, presenting partnership proposals and doing all administrative stuff on the side.

At home, my 9yo and hubby had been cracking up jokes about me gaining weight and having extra flab specifically on the tummy area.  Grabe!  They were really Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud!  Sample jokes:

Hubby: " What did the doctor say to Mommy when he saw her?"
Hubby: "Are you pregnant?"

D: "What did the farmer say to mommy when they were at the field?"
Hubby: "What?"
D: "Why did you eat the whole watermelon?

Waah!  Wake up call for me I guess, I really have to start running or join Zumba classes or play Dance Central on Xbox Kinect at home.  SOON!

On the other hand, my toddler screamed "WOW Mommy! GANDA!" when I arrived home from work wearing this:

Dress Day

Casio Retro Watch
Sac Manille David Jones Bag
Practical Fashion Elements:
Dress: Floral Dress of my MOM (As in from her treasure chest!)
Belt: Red leatherette from Divisoria
Shoes: SO Fab (Sale Christmas 2011)
Watch: Casio
Bag: Sac Manille David Jones

Well, at least to my toddler, I'm the most beautiful and the sexiest mommy alive!  He's growing up really fast and each day I see him I'm marveled at how smarter he's becoming.  Well that's my comedic, crazy and cute family there who are the culprits of the smile I beam everyday!

TGIF!  Hope you all have a good weekend! :)

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  1. Hehe. I know sooner Daddy and my son will have a joke on me too. So now I enjoy how my son adores me. Haha.

    Mommy Maye2

  2. Same here, enjoying what my toddler thinks of me na lang! hahaha! Thanks @Momaye:disqus ! :)

  3. Pretty mommy! ;) Love your long straight hair, too! ;)

  4. Hahaha your hubby and your 9-yo are so funny! Don't get me wrong, Louise; you're pretty as always. You really rock that dress! :-)

  5. It's a nice floral dress and it suits you well sis. Never mind those two, they are probably just making lambing hehehe. Guys are like that sometimes but actually, they adore you :-)

  6. your family seems to enjoy a healthy dose of sense of humor. :)

  7. very dainty!=) If it was a little shorter? hmmmm, pero can't wear it na in the office!

  8. My kids do that to me too. When i pretend to get angry and ask the dad if I am getting big na, he will look away and say "hinde" haha. Yung 7 year old ko says I love you even if you're fat, but you should not use white shirt." hehe


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