Hukad Sa Golden Cowrie Restaurant in Cebu

During our stay at the wonderful Cebu City, I was brought to a Cebuano native restaurant, Hukad, Sa Golden Cowrie.   The branch we went to w...

During our stay at the wonderful Cebu City, I was brought to a Cebuano native restaurant, Hukad, Sa Golden Cowrie.  The branch we went to was at The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu.

If you are looking for a "lutong-bahay" Filipino dish and you want to satisfy that craving, Hukad Sa Golden Cowrie is the place you should be going to.

But first, what does "Hukad" mean in Cebuano?  In my research, "Hukad" means to serve food on your plate.  As a noun, it literally means "sandok" or a ladle, a big and deep serving spoon that transfers food from the casserole to your plate.  Hence, the main subject or photo on their Menu is the "Hukad".

My expectations of the place was that it's an ordinary Filipino restaurant where they serve of course, Filipino dishes and nothing more.  But as I and my friend Ian entered their branch in Ayala Center, my expectations turned experiential and made my first visit special.
Other than Hukad Sa Golden Cowrie restaurant being Filipino, it definitely has a Cebuano signature to it.  Their ceiling lights are designed to look like Cebu's "Puso".  "Puso" or hanging rice, is a native dish of Cebu made up of rice, boiled and wrapped in weaved coco or palm leaves.  For me it also looks like a Heart which is "Puso" in Filipino translation.

We dined in Hukad twice and in both times, the place was packed with local and foreign tourists alike.  There is something comforting in sitting and savoring Filipino food in this Cabuano restaurant.
I didn't know what to expect when I first came here, so their flat rectangular plates with banana leaf on top was something different.
We ordered one of their bestsellers, "Baked Scallops."  When you go to Cebu and decide to dine at Hukad Sa Golden Cowrie, you have to try this dish.  The melted cheese blankets the flavorful scallop and it's perfect with rice!
To balance the meal, we ordered a soup based dish which is of course another popular Filipino dish, Pork Sinigang (sour soup).  The following night we dined in, we tried their Chicken Tinola.  Hukad's serving is enough to be shared by two people.  
Here's what I found experiential during my visit in Hukad restaurant.  They serve unlimited rice!  Plus, their rice servers go around tables with the casserole in a wooden bucket.  The rice is transferred to your plate using a wooden ladle or the "Hukad".
To complete the meal, we ordered Sago't Gulaman for our beverage.  What's new to me was, their version of Sago't Gulaman was more of a dessert than a beverage.  It was a glass-full of these colorful jellos rather than the sweet syrup, that I had to request for water to be added to it.
Surprisingly, our bill for all the delectable meals we had plus the unique dining experience was no more than Php 500.00!  This is such a practical find especially when you want value for your money.   
Next time you visit Cebu, make sure you include Hukad Sa Golden Cowrie restaurant in your itinerary.  You may click here for a complete list of their branches.

How about you?  Do you have a new restaurant discover?

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  1. I love Hukad, Louise! The food is delicious and affordable. We wanted to try the resto when we visited Cebu, but ended up trying it here in our hometown, Davao. :-)

  2. I know!! Hukad is LOVE! That's why during my stay in Cebu we ate there twice @MaanLaxa:disqus ! :)

  3. Argh, this post made me hungry! Thanks @MommyPracticality:disqus for sharing and mking my tummy rumbling (it needs to be fed, for real haha).

  4. I'll take note of this so when I have the chance to cross the ocean to Cebu, I'll try this too.

    Unfortunately, I don't have recent new restaurant discovery.

  5. The scallops look delish. I will keep this in mind when I visit Cebu. :D

  6. i should go there the next time we go to cebu

  7. Yes sis @google-cdaa0db8821d48a04a5240994e1e6026:disqus you really should! Everything's delish!

  8. Super super delish @twitter-126958683:disqus ! :)

  9. No problem, now that you mentioned hungry.. looking at my pics again made me crave for the scallops again! haaay

  10. Hukad/Golden Cowrie is always full! Which is a sign that they serve good food :-)

  11. That's true @mustachio! :) I miss Hukad na! :)


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