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I got excited when I received an invitation from Pink Parlour Philippines to try their services.  Last night, after a very long day at work, I went to Pink Parlour A.Venue branch to try their Princess Pedicure and OPI Hand Nail Paint and Shape Manicure.  If you've been following my blog for sometime now, you would know that I firmly believe in spending some Me Time, because as moms, we deserve it once in a while.  So I indulged in their invitation right away and here's my experience.

Seeing their salon's facade already gave me an impression that a royal treatment was waiting inside for me.
Pink Parlour A. Venue Branch, Store's Pink facade
Pink Parlour Manila | Offers Waxing, Nail and Spray Tan Services
Let me take you though what's inside their salon.  Here's Pink Parlour's posh waiting area, complete with hanging chandelier and disco lights.
Pink Parlour's Posh Waiting Area
A pretty black chandelier in Pink Parlour's interiors adds to royal ambiance the salon brings.
I want this Gothic black chandelier for our home too!
Pink Parlour's Wall of Fame boasts of their awards and citations given to their brand in Singapore.
Pink Parlour is the rebellious sister of beauty salons founded since 2005. One of Singapore's leading Hair Removal specialists offering Award Winning treatments from Waxing , IPL hair removal , Spray tanning and Princess Manicure and Pedicure.

Their commitment to high treatment standards and service levels has won much recognition and distinction within the industry and media including the following awards:

2006 Harper's Bazaar Beauty Awards
2007 Spa Crystal Awards Nominee - Best Spa in Southeast Asia
2008 Cleo Singapore Beauty Directory for Top 20 Nail Salons
2009 SWW Best Hydration Fix Facial
2009 SWW Best Bikini Wax
2009 SWW Best Specialty Wax (Designer Brazilian)
2010/2011 Singapore Tatler Best of Singapore for Grooming (Waxing)
2011 SWW Best Waxing Parlour
2013 Singapore Tatler Best of Singapore for Grooming

Princess Pedicure and Speedy OPI Manicure Treatment
I did expect a royal highness treatment upon entrance to their salon and indeed that's what I got.  Pink Parlour A. Venue branch has four well-appointed nail treatment seats that is all but Pink, Black and Zebra prints.  

Their Nail Treatment seats each have a basin/faucet for foot scrubs.
Nail Treatment Seats
The salon's design theme is mostly Pink and Black with touches of Zebra prints.
Pink Parlour A. Venue has four nail treatment seats.
Each Nail Treatment Seat is assigned with a fleece blanket, a furry pillow, neck supporting pillow, an eye mask and their signature Kittie plush toy for a totally comfortable nail treatment procedure.
Pink pillows, fleece blanket and the Kittie Plush.
Now, I'm ready to start my nail treatments.  In the photo below, my feet were already soaked in a warm tub of water.
Pink Parlour's Kittie with Mommy Practicality (lakas maka-rhyme lang)
I was given these nail color swatches.  Over 200 OPI and China Glaze nail colors to choose from!  I just chose a light color for my hands and red for my feet. 
Nail swatches
An overwhelming shelves of OPI and China Glaze nail polishes.
Having a manicure and pedicure sometimes could be scary.  We've heard of horror stories of murdered nails, of wounded toes and of possible tetanus due to rusted equipment used.  Here at Pink Parlour you could be assured of their safety standards.
Sterilization of Equipment
Each set of scissors, tweezers, pushers and cutters are carefully cleaned and soaked in cleaning alcohol and hospital grade disinfectants for over 5 minutes to eliminate most germs and viruses. Tools are then carefully packed into individual sterilization pouches for safety, and then stored in our UV lamp cabinets to further disinfect. These are opened only in front of you.
Individually packed sterilized set of manicure and pedicure equipment
Let the royal treatment begin!  First, my feet were soaked to soften the skin and improve my blood circulation. 

An invigorating foot scrub was done to get rid of dead skin cells or callouses of my always abused tired feet.  While the therapist was scrubbing it all away, I was so relaxed that I almost fell asleep.
Holding Kittie while the therapist was scrubbing my feet.
Next steps for the Princess Pedicure were: 1.) Trimming and removing cuticles; 2.) Five minute massage each foot 3.) Nail Polishing.
No murdered feet only big-time pampered feet from start to finish
Now this is pure royal treatment!  Two therapists working on my nails.  While one therapist was doing my Princess Pedicure, the other was doing my OPI Hand and Nail Paint and Shape Manicure.
Only a Queen could have a Royal Treatment like this.  Pink Parlour made it possible for me to experience it.
My OPI Hand Nail Paint and Shape Manicure took the therapist roughly 30 minutes to finish both hands.  Like what I experienced with my toenails, I didn't feel any swelling, irritability nor discomfort at all.
After trimming the nails, and removing the cuticles, the therapist buffed my nails too before applying the nail polish
I usually have my nails trimmed to the fingertips because I have children that I hug and touch very frequently.  I don't want to injure them with long nails.  I chose a light color for my nails to make it look really natural.
The therapist applied my choice of nail polish color.
Here's the freshly polished nails of mine using OPI Nail Lacquer.
Pink Parlour uses OPI and China Glaze Nail Polishes for their clients.
To add to the total customer experience, Pink Parlour also offered refreshments to me.  I could choose from a cup of Hot Tea, Iced tea or an Orange Juice.
Here's my glass of Iced Tea.
Other than that, there were tons of movie DVDs they could play for you while having the nail treatments.  You may opt to watch local channels as well if you please.
To complete the experience, I watched a chick flick while having my nails done.
I started the treatment at 7:15 pm, my hands were done in less than 30 minutes, while the Princess Pedicure was done in 45 minutes.  
Waiting for my polished toenails to dry before I head home.
Pink Parlour Manicure and Pedicure Review
Service.  Pink Parlour gives its customers a royal and comfortable treatment.  The salon knows the value of Customer Experience and what I had was a good one.  They don't make their customers wait too long by making sure they finish the treatment of each customers efficiently quick.  My nails were not murdered nor I felt any discomfort during the whole process.  However, the nail services were done, were not that extraordinary.
These were what I liked particularly at Pink Parlour: 
1) You can watch a movie of your choice, long as it's available on their dvd library
2) Refreshments offered.
3) One week nail polish warranty.  Re-applying nail polish should chipping occur within a week of application is FREE of charge
4) Comfortable Seats with pillows - falling asleep could be inevitable at times, here it's no problem.  Each seat has an assigned blanket, pillows and an eye mask.
Ambiance. Having a spanking interior design plays a role in the salon's branding and total experience.  The ambiance was royal, edgy and is talking to the young and the young at heart (like myself).  I personally like Hot Pink, Black and Zebra lines.
Cleanliness. One important factor I look for in any salon is its cleanliness.  The salon at A.Venue is well-kept and organized.  Even their shelves of nail polishes were neatly placed and the colors were standing proud.  What I liked the most was that each set of mani/pedicure equipment per customer is freshly sterilized and individually packed.
Therapists. Isn't it irritating sometimes when you go to other salons to relax and their staff gossips or chitchats loudly?  Here, they don't.  They are courteous and professional.  They also work efficiently, quietly  and fast.  However, as mentioned above the nail treatment procedure itself wasn't that extraordinary, but it was good.
Price.  The nail treatments I got for free were quite expensive.  I would understand if they offered a totally different experience in nail pampering.  Although they used branded nail polishes, I still could not be convinced that the nail services should be that expensive.  I hope that they revisit their nail treatment pricing and make it more affordable so that I could frequent them for these services.

For more details about Pink Parlour Philippines, visit their Facebook Page, follow them on Twitter or visit  

Disclosure: I received the services for free in exchange for an honest review.  The views and opinions are purely my own and in no way was influenced by the receipt of the free service.

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