A Funny Kind of Sweet Valentine's Day Celebration

I know, I know it's way past the Valentine's Day.  Most likely, you must be overdosed and sick with the LOVE bug and all the mushy, ...

I know, I know it's way past the Valentine's Day.  Most likely, you must be overdosed and sick with the LOVE bug and all the mushy, cheesy, romantic elements attached to it.  Good News!  I'm adding one more Valentine story for you.  Don't worry this is just 50% ma-keso! :)

I'm one of the many who doesn't really like celebrating it on the day itself because it's traffic, everywhere is crowded, and it's stressful.  So, it's either we do it before of after Valentine's Day.  Also I believe that celebrating it doesn't have to be expensive as I've written in my Valentine's Celebration Ideas post.

A day before the Valentine's Day, I came home to this:

He gave me a bouquet of Gerbera flowers, my favorite

He's proud to say he bought that in Dangwa!  Since I was 18, I'm fond of these Gerbera flowers than roses.  That's what he bought for me.  Plus, for practicality's sake, I'd rather he spends for something more important than just flowers.  So Dangwa is the place to be for fresh and inexpensive flowers for those special occasions.

Of course, I surprised him with everything RED the morning of Valentine's day, here's what he woke up to:
I surprised him with everything RED
A signage of my profession of LOVE for him, chocolates, chips, strawberry juice and cereal and even Lucky Me Jampong, long as it's red!

I didn't want to wear red in the office, but Heart's written all over me.  Accessories that has hearts were what I chose to wear, heart earrings and pendant, heart belt, heart bracelets and a surprise Estrel's heart-shaped Valentine's Cake I got from one of our suppliers ended the day so sweetly.
Heart was written all over me on Valentine's day
Valentine's felt Christmassy for me, so I bought local chocolates and wrapped them in a brown bag to be given away to friends and colleagues.  It felt good to give, it's therapeutic.  Everyone should try it!
Gave local chocolates to my colleagues as Valentine's Day gift
When I got home, my son made up a story about a broken beauty bottle in my drawer.  I was worried so I hurriedly checked only to find out I was tricked.  Here's what's "broken" inside the drawer:
My son connived with his Daddy to surprise me with this Love Letter
Of course I cried, out of so much joy.  Since he was little as early as he learned how to write, I've been teaching him the value of remembering a loved one on special occasions.  That one doesn't have to spend for expensive gifts, a letter or a card is enough to show your love, as long as it's sincerely written.

His letter made me cry and laugh at the same time.  Why?  Here's why:
"USB Ka Ba?"   Funny pick-up line in the letter
It reads, "USB ka ba?  Kasi ikaw ay naka-save sa PUSO Ko eh!" BOOM!  Naku, I need to prepare for the time that he will be sending a love letter to another girl apart from me.  Super lucky that girl for sure!  For now I don't want to stress myself thinking about that, that's still a long shot.

Last December, in a company contest, I won two (2) Dinner Buffet GCs at Edsa Shangri-La's HEAT Restaurant.  It reads in the voucher that it can't be used on selected occasions/peak days particularly Valentine's Day.  Good News for me, because I don't plan to use it on Valentine's Day, but the day after.
Edsa Shangri-La HEAT Restaurant's GCs I won last December
We kind of dressed up a little so we could really call it a celebration. My rock star IT hubby was handsome in his long-sleeved top but he still rocked wearing his sneakers.  
Buffet Dinner for two at HEAT Restaurant.  Hubby and I
I would have wanted a Lunch Buffet because I eat more during lunch so it's more "sulit."  But he still has work during the day and can't skip it, which I admire about him, so it had to be dinner.  It was traffic, so we were a little late for our reservation time.  Good thing I called to advise HEAT Restaurant about it and they adjusted.
HEAT Restaurant dinner to celebrate the Valentine's Day
True enough, we both weren't able to eat much and it was a buffet dinner pa naman.  But knowing me, I'm a buffet champion, I was able to try everything more or less.  I'll write another post about HEAT Restaurant, watch out for it. 

Because I have a pre-teener boy, I'm teaching him how to be a sweet gentleman when he's out with me.  We went out for a simple ice cream, siomai (his favorite) and arcade date yesterday at SM City Sta. Mesa where there was an on-going 3-Day Sale!  
Ice cream, siomai and arcade Valentine's date with my pre-teener
Remember, I say this all the time, that showing love and thoughtfulness shouldn't only be during Valentine's Day.  It should be 365 days a year!  How was your Valentine's Day celebration loves?  

Let me leave you with these LOVE quotes I posted on my Instagram feed to remind you that LOVE is really such a wonderful thing but involves a lot of hard work, passion, and open communication.  If you want to keep it burning and protected remember it takes two (2) to tango!

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day, Louise! I love gerbera, too (but sooo mahal haha).

  2. Stay in love Mommy! (:

  3. Stay in love Mommy (:

  4. Thanks @google-70c5ec3a427a4a46f2e4c0ca45aba375:disqus ! :) You too dear!

  5. He bought it at Dangwa only @disqus_irdOYPBa4b:disqus hehehe!

  6. Mommy Louise, you are such a beautiful person inside and outside! Your acts of thoughtfulness are admirable and your love for your family is truly awesome! Now I miss going to a regular office coz it was really fun to celebrate Valentine's with the colleagues around and the surprises the company gives to everyone. BTW, good luck for the milestone you've accomplished with your blog :)


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