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As a working mom who goes out of the house everyday, I always look forward to the weekend for bonding time with the family.  I make sure th...

As a working mom who goes out of the house everyday, I always look forward to the weekend for bonding time with the family.  I make sure that I spend quality time with them by dining out, malling, shopping, playing in the arcade or playgrounds or jogging around parks.  Those activities are on my To-Do-This-Weekend-List when budget permits.

But during times when you had prioritized expenses to tuition fees, household bills, medicines or even hospitalization, we do our precious family bonding at home.  I’m sure most of you could relate to this when I say that some of the most peaceful and relaxing times spent with the family are those done at the comforts of your home!

The Best Things About Spending Family Bonding At Home
Peaceful. You don’t need to be paranoid that your kids might get lost in the mall.  
Relaxing.  The bedroom is such a convenient venue to bond, to cuddle, to play, to sing, to dance without being too conscious how crazy or messy you might look.  
Inexpensive.  It’s less expensive to spend quality time with the family at home.  No cost for parking, for transportation, for food that you could actually do at home,
Happier.  We don’t like it when other people give us a judgmental look when our kids become so loud and rowdy because they’re just so excited and beaming with joy?  At home, there will be no stranger eyes prying on how happy you could get.  You won’t limit your kids in expressing their happiness.  

Here are some great family bonding ideas you could do at home:
  • Watch movies. Unlimited movie titles of your choice.  Imagine if you’d watch in the mall, each person will cost around P150.00 plus your popcorn and drinks.  At home, your choice, your time and nothing beats lying on the bed while watching.
  • Play board games. It’s in playing that kids learn faster and lessons retain in their memories.  Choose board games that are fun, educational and involves logical thinking.

  • Dance – It doubles as physical activity and super fun bonding. We have a weekend family dancing session via Dance Central of the X-Box Kinect.  I'm too embarrassed to share the video. Maybe next time. Hehehe!
  • Read books – Cultivate your kids’ interest in reading at an early stage by reading to them using an animated voice.  My kids love this and hubby imitates my theatrical voice too when he reads to our two-year old boy.

  • Swim – Who says they can only enjoy the sun and water during summer?  I say, invest in durable inflatable pools because kids enjoy playing in the water.  It’s more fun if you’re with them in it!

  • Food Trip.  Involve kids in cooking simple food by asking them to put some ingredients in the casserole.  The most fun food type to prepare is DESSERTS for afternoon snacks!  This could be anything from brownies to ice candies or fruit shakes!  Oh boy they love fruit shakes! But using the old and noisy blender scares my toddler when it starts working.  My 2 year old would say “the monster is coming.” 

Speaking of our food trip, the noisy blender and my scared toddler, I really don’t want him to have any idea about monsters or anything scary. It saddens me.  I would try all my might to erase that in his imagination.  But how do I when one of the happy bonding activities we do at home involves this monster noisy blender? 

Good thing I’ve heard about Electrolux Power Mix Silent Blender.  I gasped to myself, "“Oh! How did you know? That’s exactly what I wanted!”
Finally, NO MORE MONSTERS to my frightened toddler!   My kids would enjoy food tripping all the more by having this power silent blender.  Plus I don’t have to yell at the top of my voice when conversing with them while preparing their favorite fruit shakes.

Little did you all know, I grew up with Electrolux because it’s my mom’s choice of household appliance.  I’m glad that up to this day Electrolux continues to innovate and make lives better, happier, more relaxed and quieter for homemakers like myself.  Here's another example of their super genius appliance, The Ultrasilencer Green Vacuum Cleaner:

Thanks Electrolux for “Thinking of Me”when you developed your new line of appliances such as this Electrolux Power Mix Silent Blender and Ultrasilencer Green.

For more information on Electrolux Philippines' awesome line of appliances, visit Electrolux Philippines Official Website & follow Electrolux Philippines on Twitter.

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