Practical Fashion: Yellow Teacher

How is everyone doing?  Welcome to another post on my Practical Fashion segment.  I entitled this such because one, all I see is yellow and ...

How is everyone doing?  Welcome to another post on my Practical Fashion segment.  I entitled this such because one, all I see is yellow and second, I look like a teacher (the comment I get most from my colleagues).  So without further ado, here's the outfit of the (other) day.

Yellow Chiffon Top - from nearby bazaar
Button Up Khaki pants - from bazaar
Shoes - Sale from So! Fab
Gold Watch - Casio
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  1. I hope to chanced a huge sale on So Fab! :)

  2. You look stunning in yellow. Love the pants and shoes. And huhuhu! I miss working and being on that kind of environment.

  3. Lovely top! lakas maka feminine ng dating no? :)

  4. I like your top, its my favorite color eh,,, -Singlemom Reviews

  5. It's a beautiful, elegant, and comfy looking outfit. Love those shoes and top. :-)

  6. The Yellow Teacher is an interesting look. You don't look like a teacher for me.

  7. Thanks @disqus_b517aZI2rI:disqus it's indeed a comfortable outfit. :) I change into flats on my way home though. :)

  8. Thanks sis @facebook-100000380911859:disqus !

  9. So sweet of you @Jhari:disqus to say that! :) You could always go back to this environment if that's what you really want. :)

  10. Every January they go really looooow prices @twitter-491402979:disqus

  11. Pretty naman talaga oh! Louise, cge na. Let's go on a shopping date and help me inject some fashion in my wardrobe. Getting tired of looking like a frumpy housewife na. :P

  12. I soo love the blouse and the pants! I love how the colors match

  13. Nice outfit Sis! Very casual yet so feminine. I love the color combination. By the way, you have a nice shiny black silky hair. :)

  14. Hi @twitter-467071291:disqus thank you! As for the hair, it's low maintenance really. Shampoo and conditioner lang. :)

  15. @disqus_N1qB0UHfQS:disqus you don't even look like you're a mom! Ang sexy mo kaya! :)

  16. Thanks @google-eb2d653102bbe2c608d0bbb44201dd55:disqus !

  17. You are looking so much beautiful!



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