Practical Fashion: Office Summer Outfit

How's everyone doing? If you'd ask me, I've been my busiest and most sick self (so far this 2013) these past two weeks. In a sp...

How's everyone doing? If you'd ask me, I've been my busiest and most sick self (so far this 2013) these past two weeks. In a span of those days, I've travelled to Albay (saw Mt. Mayon for the first time) and Tarlac for work, I've had flu (super couldn't get up from bed the whole day, clogged nose, dry cough and body pains) and pharyngitis which made me miss our team's strategic planning, 1 missed band hotel gig plus a gig with an almost-didn't-make-it-voice, a company-sponsored family outing at 8 Waves and lastly attended a Vikings MOA buffet children's birthday party.

But no, I'm not complaining, in fact I'm thankful for the busyness in my life right now because it just means I'm very productive. Oh by the way, it was also during those past weeks that my new JOY Dishwashing TVC started to air. Unfortunately, I've seen it only once, putol pa.

Now on to my practical outfit post after the long introduction. Isn't it that lately our country's been experiencing the hottest temperature due to the summer season? It's because of this that I wear sleeveless tops more often in the office. But I think I still manage to look corporate enough to be taken seriously at work. Here's what I wore in the office to beat the heat:

The outfit:
Top: Sleeveless Office Blouse from JUANA
Bottom: Black Skinny office pants from Landmark Bazaar
Footwear: Wedge from Cebu
Accessories: From my mom's closet
Bag: Tommy Hilfiger (gift by hubby)

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  1. Great outfit. By the way, take time for yourself and your health. Mahirap magkasakit! :)

  2. Just a naughty comment perhaps the fingernails should compliment with the toenails. Overall the outfit is great. Fashionable and sexy.

  3. Yup thanks @Ron Leyba ! I should be taking care of myself nga talaga.

  4. Thanks @Marco Polo Demo natawa ako sa nail color. I actually have no nail polish for my fingernails because it easily gets chipped off. :)

  5. Please share the video of the commercial! I hardly watch tv these days.

  6. The top and pants compliment each other very well. Your attire is very chic but still looks corporate.


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