Celebrating Hubby's Birthday

Birthdays are important occasions for our family.  We celebrate life, all the blessings, the year that has passed and the miracle itself of ...

Birthdays are important occasions for our family.  We celebrate life, all the blessings, the year that has passed and the miracle itself of living and breathing which make being physically together still possible.  We thank God for another year HE's given so we may continue to love, to appreciate, to support and to take care of each other.

Yesterday was hubby's birthday and I took a day off from work to simply celebrate it with him and the family.  We've been together for more than five years already but I never fail to surprise him on his birthday.  I love making him laugh, making him feel special, important and very much loved.

Sharing with you loves how I simply showed how special he is to me, his early morning birthday surprise:

The rest of the day was celebrated over lunch with my family then dinner with his family.  Here are some highlights of yesterday's birthday bonanza:

Decorated the room with these DIY Paper Mobile Flower-Pom-Pom (will share soon how to do it)

Handwritten name banner hung on a nylon string

Handwritten Happy Birthday Bunting

Full picture of the room decor which I finished doing at 3:00 am (started at 11pm) Talk about labor of love!

 A birthday wouldn't be complete without a birthday card with my love note inside. :)

For lunch, we had Jollibee Chicken Joy, Spaghetti and Shakey's Pizza (using Supercard) delivered. :)

My gwapitos' #OOTD shot on our way to a dinner out with hubby's family

Here's the full gang during our dinner at Seafood Island in Robinsons Magnolia.

The Boodle Feast was finished in less than an hour! Hahaha! :)

So there you go loves!  Remember your special someone's birthday, celebrate it together.  Life is a gift, another year is a blessing from God!  Share the special day with the rest of the family too!  You don't have to spend much to make your love feel special.  All it could take to make him/her happy are some dash of creativity, handwritten letter, concerted effort and a sometimes-out-of-tune-Birthday-Song!

To my MAHAL, my best friend, my life partner, my SOUL MATE, happy happy birthday!  Hope you enjoyed our simple surprise!  :)

Care to share how you creatively surprise your loved one on his/her birthday? :)

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  1. jenelyn cristobalJuly 18, 2013 at 2:06 PM

    great post...hehe...I'm actually planning n din this early for my hubby's bday eh...sa october p naman but i want it to be as simple but surprising as what you did. Thanks for this post mommy Louise, I ,now have an idea...hehehe..anyways your one of the bloggers i idolize ...that's the reason why i made a blog too hehehe...hope you can check it po thank you...http://prettypracticalmom.blogspot.com/

  2. Happy bIrthday to your hubby. Siguro kung ako din isurprise ng ganyan maiiyak din ako :)

  3. Chic Sassy Mom DesJuly 20, 2013 at 9:40 PM

    Belated Happy Birthday to your hubby! ^_^ So sweet!

  4. Thanks Des! Nice seeing you last Saturday! :) Take care!


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